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    Dreaded Recommend Pass

    first time i've heard of this. probably security screening?
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    Promotion Update

    why would you do that?
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    I cannot ask for a letter of recommendation from my current employer

    do you need it for points? you just joined so it doesn't seem to be adding much. if you have 3 years of experience without them then no need to get a letter
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    sibling documents

    yes that's what i said, i was replying to the guy who said they're not on it. please read which post i'm replying to
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    My job letter is fake or real

    + you didn't even apply to it, right?
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    got job offer in canada , wanna make sure if it's true or scam

    Stop getting scammed people!! Fake!
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    My job letter is fake or real

    How are you guys still falling for these
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    Change of address

    there's a webform on the cic site to inform of anychange or upload docs
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    My job letter is fake or real

    who's royal studies??
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    sibling documents

    That passports everywhere only have fathers name
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    Pay Slip name

    Do you not have an employment letter? If it has the info, no need for pay sleeps or proof of salary
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    Urgent - POF Query

    the exchange rate is important when they check. make sure you have MORE than what is needed by 3-400 at all times just in case. otherwise should be good to go
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    Urgent - POF Query

    doesn't matter
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    Can i start my e-bussiness in Canada from outside?

    while you're abroad, canada has nothing to do with you. once you move though your company also migrates and you'll have to register with the cra (i'm also an estonian eresident)
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    My job letter is fake or real

    fake and i didn't even read it.....
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    IMMIGRATION AFTER JUST 2 years of experience

    no one can tell you that either, it's done by organisations listed by ircc. i suggest you go to the IRCC website and start reading before even thinking of the CRS score
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    Urgent - POF Query

    no you don't but if you had a large deposit you'll have to explain why. they don't care about 200 added here or there, make sure you have the money
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    ECA evaluation

    yes if you have masters you can only send it, that's not the problem. the problem is will your institute be recognized. again search the forums first and good luck!