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    Is it possible to receive phone calls from IRCC and not an email?

    Every and any correspondence should be made by mail or e-mail so there is an actual record of the request being made, and a paper trail can be established. If you get a phone call, ask them to send you a letter or an e-mail to the address that they have on file for you so that you can have a...
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    Replacement of birth abroad certificate

    The online option was not available when I applied, so I went with the paper option. But it seems that you need to register an account on the website if you want to do anything online with them.
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    Replacement of birth abroad certificate

    It will depend on how well you prepare your application; the more information you can provide, the shorter your processing time will be or the less chance you'll have of your application being forwarded to Program Support. My application really took over two years, so it's not a typo.
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    Replacement of birth abroad certificate

    The requirement to register a birth abroad ceased with the 1977 Act, as well as the issuance of that certificate. Replacements for any kind of citizenship document that was issued before, such as the registration certificate or citizenship card, is made today by applying for proof of citizenship.
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    Father born in Canada became naturalized US citizen before 1947

    Canadian people before the commencement of the 1947 Canadian Citizenship Act were British subjects. British nationality regarding the status of married women at that time is described under Part III, section 10 of the British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act 1914. So under subsection (1)...
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    Did spouses gain Canadian or British citizenship by marrying a Canadian citizen before 1947?

    Because you posted a similar thread, I answered your first two questions over there. . Even if your mother was able to keep British subject status, British citizenship by descent at that time is only passed down through the father, so you don't have a claim for British citizenship through her.
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    Can a newborn in US of canadian parents (who will be on OCI) apply for OCI/Indian Citizenship?

    From what I've read, you can apply for OCI for your child. There is a shortened pathway for Indian citizenship for OCI holders; however, since India does not allow dual citizenship, your child will have to renounce his/her Canadian and American citizenships before becoming an Indian citizen.
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    Canadian Citizenship Possible for Granddaughter?

    Unfortunately, you are correct. Under the current Citizenship Act today, your daughter can claim citizenship by descent as the first generation born abroad retroactive to her birth, but your granddaughter can not as the second generation because the first generation limit supersedes the...
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    Citizenship through grandparent

    Usually, it's not advised to send anything that is not asked, but in this case, since you are seeking a replacement to a certificate that your mother lost so long ago, it may be beneficial to include a copy of your grandfather's citizenship document to prove the link between him and your mother...
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    Citizenship with child application included

    I believe PR children with a PR parent are not required to meet the RO for citizenship, and can apply with the parent at the same time.
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    Citizenship through grandparent

    As long as your grandfather was employed by a Canadian-based business, then he and your mother would have been exempted from the loss of citizenship by that rule. If he were to stop being employed by said business, then I believe the six-year countdown would have begun on the day of his job...
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    Citizenship through grandparent

    Under Part III, paragraph 20 of the 1947 Act, a naturalized Canadian can lose their citizenship if they reside outside of Canada for six consecutive years; unless they are doing so because of Canadian business, for health reasons, if their spouse or parent is a natural-born Canadian, or they...
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    Get sponsored by parents as a dependent adult?

    No; because you are not physically or mentally disabled, it is not possible for your parents to sponsor you as a dependent. Per their definition of a dependent adult child: "Children 22 years old or older qualify as dependants if they meet both of these requirements: they are unable to...
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    Applying for Citizenship/Passport for a child born abroad to a Naturalized Parent

    Per the instruction guide: "Note: If you’re applying on behalf of a minor who does not have two pieces of identification, or does not have a photo ID, please include an explanation letter with the application. " A child born abroad to a parent who was born in Canada or had naturalized before...
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    Proof of Citizenship Tracking thread?

    Congratulations :D. Glad everything worked out for you.
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    For Uber eats

    The 'case law' you linked said the rule was discriminatory against refugees, not on the grounds of national or ethnic origins. It basically says that since non-refugees were able to bypass the one year requirement, the same standard should be applied to refugees. The link from the OHRC only...
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    For Uber eats

    Unless driving is considered a defining activity of an ethnic group's culture, I feel you're twisting the meaning of "national or ethnic origin" to mean anything foreign-related. It just means the person can't be discriminated because of his ethnicity. For example, if a company states that...
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    For Uber eats

    'Experience' is not considered a discriminatory ground under the Human Rights Act: "Prohibited grounds of discrimination 3 (1) For all purposes of this Act, the prohibited grounds of discrimination are race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender...
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    Migrating to India with Canadian citizenship Under Paragraph 4, section 1A. However, it seems in order to have made your kids eligible for Indian citizenship, you needed to have registered them with the Indian consulate within one year of their births, and in order to register them, you need...
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    Check citizenship certificate application status without UCI?

    Sorry, but an assigned UCI or application number is required for them to look up any information, as it means that the application is in the system. You can try calling Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa as a long distance call and ask them to transfer you to IRCC, but the IRCC call center is not...