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    Foreign income and tax credit

    My wife immigrated to Canada from India. She had income in India before and after landing in Canada. For 2020 taxes I realize that she has to report all the income she earned post landing in Canada (employment, interest, etc.). However, I'm a bit confused about the tax credit portion of things...
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    Selling stocks (ESPP) before moving to Canada

    I had some company stocks that I sold before coming to Canada (received dividends too). My CPA did basic calculations to adjust my foreign income and interest/dividends for the days I was a resident in Canada for tax purposes and reported the same on the tax return. He however did not include...
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    T1135 form as a new immigrant

    Hi there. I became permanent resident of Canada in 2017, but officially moved to Canada in 2018 (Oct.). I used a CPA to file my taxes. He did not ask me anything related to T1135 (foreign assets) and hence it was not filed for 2018. I did have foreign income > 100,000. I checked online tax...
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    ontario standard lease

    Folks, Are landlords following the standard lease given here- I was about to go rent an apartment and just saw this. I spoke to the landlord and he was like we have had no issue with the lease that they have. Your thoughts?
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    Travel history (H1B I94) daily commuters

    When I entered Canada using my passport I noticed that I could see exit records in the online I94. However, when I entered recently on PR card I dont see an exit in the I94. I also renewed my passport; however I do see the new passport linked to my I94 based on my previous travel. Is this how it...
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    car import from USA; license exchange and registration

    Hey Folks, I've been irritated at myself for missing several things before importing my car (Canadian PR holder here). Just wanted to cross check all the docs that are needed; please let me know if I'm missing anything- 1) For Ontario full G license; drivers record from DMV of the state where...
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    California -> Ontario drivers license

    I have a valid California D/L. I'll be importing my car very soon and wanted to get it registered and heard that we need a Canadian D/L and insurance before that can be done. California does provide a informal drivers abstract but it does not have a lot of information. I do have my old and new...
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    daily commuter (work in US, live in Canada) spousal sponsorship

    I will be starting daily commute from windsor to detroit for work in the US, will be living in canada. Any issues with sponsoring my fiance when we get married?
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    canadian pr; not moved to canada yet

    I have got my canada PR and my PR card; but will not move to canada for good till jan 2019. Do i have to pay taxes for 2018 where i was in canada for maybe 10 days and all my earnings were in the US
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    Canadian PR holder getting married soon

    Hi All, I'm a Canadian PR holder; done all landing formality and got my PR card. Will be living in Canada from next month. I will also be getting married in Dec. My fiancé is an Indian national. How do I go about bringing her to Canada as soon as we get married? Also what about her options to...
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    H1b impact on citizenship

    Hi Folks, Does having an H1b (USA) affect the citizenship process? Specifically, for those living in canada and commuting on weekdays to USA for work (Detroit-Windsor, Vancouver-Seattle, Buffalo-Fort Erie). How about for PR renewal, does it have any impact? technically you are maintaining...
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    US Canada dilema

    My situation: Became Canadian PR in Sep 2017. Living in USA since 2011 (currently on H1B). I know that to maintain PR one has to be in Canada for 2 out of 5 years and its 3 out of 5 years for citizenship. So I do intend to make up my mind latest by Sep 2019. My question is that can I work in...
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    passport renewal; dont have PR card

    Hey Folks, I recently became a Canadian PR (FSWP) and have COPR stapled in my passport. I'm waiting to get my initial PR card. I'm currently living in USA (but will make the move to Canada soon) and gave my friend's address for receiving PR card. My question is that can I renew my passport here...
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    goods to follow form

    hey all, i'll be landing in canada in 2 weeks time. i just plan to be in canada for 5 days and then come back to the US and start the process of permanently moving within the year. when i do my landing, may i just submit the goods to follow and submit nothing for goods accompanying? I will just...