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    How to send passport to Canadian embassy in UK?

    Hi, I just received the passport request. I live in Ireland. I have to send the passport to embasy in UK. I would appreciate if anyone who has sent their passport to embassy in UK from Ireland (or any other country) could share the experience? I want to know: Which service did you use? How long...
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    Tourist visa in active review. How long does it take?

    Hi, I have applied for a tourist visa from Ireland (in UK Embassy) last month. I sent London immigration an email asking about the delay in visa process. They have informed me that the application is under "Active Review". I guess it means that the application is being looked at the moment...
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    Anyone applied from Ireland (UK Embassy)

    Hi, I have applied for a tourist visa from Ireland (UK embassy) on 29th August. The processing time for Ireland is shown as 24 days on the website. Tomorrow it will be 24th day since I applied for the visa but I haven't heard of any updates so far. Has anyone applied for a visa in recent past...
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    Processing time for tourist visa in London?

    Hi, I am an Indian citizen living in Ireland. I have applied for a tourist visa on 29th August but my application is still not processed. I was hopping to send my passport by now. Does anyone have any idea about processing times for tourist visa from london office?