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    How long does landing process take at airport?

    My wife got her visa and I booked her ticket with air canada coming from Jordan - Londong - Calgary then air canada cancelled our connect flight through london and the only alternative is Jordan - London - Edmonton - Calgary which means the "landing" has to be done in Edmonton. I am tryin to...
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    Can you go to USA a week after you Land?

    My wife got her PR visa last week, and we were planning on going on honeymoon in florida a few days after she lands here. I'm unclear on a few things 1. Does she need a Visa to the states, or since she's a per. rez she wouldn't just like I wouldnt since I am canadian citizen? 2. If she does...
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    DONE! with MINIMUM proof (details inside)

    my wife just got an email telling her to go pick up her passport with the visa stamped on it today :) soooo happy! I'll write details about my process because I am sure this will give hope to people worrying about if they submitted enough 'proof of genuine relationship' first here is my...
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    Are you allowed PO Box address for Mailing address?

    I'm sponsoring via Damascus. My wife is from Jordan. We put down a PO Box address for a mialing address there. Someone told me that PO Boxes are not allowed, but I'm having trouble believing that since thats the only way anyone gets mail there... is this true? my app started processing July...
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    Can you get social assistance (welfare) if you were sponsored?

    Hi, this is just a general question I'm wondering about. After reading a few posts on here, some people are getting into canada on sponsorship then breaking up and then the sponsored person going on welfare so the sponsor has to pay that back. I was always under the impression that the...
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    2009 Damascus Office Timelines/updates

    I hope this wasnt already created, but I wanted to make an outland damascus thread for everyone applying in 2009 to keep track of timelines and such June 2, 2009 - application mailed July 7, 2009 - Sponsorship approved at Missaussaga July 13, 2009 - Application recieved and In Process in Damascus
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    Sponsoring my wife (WITHOUT WEDDING), help ( ImmOfficer, PM, Leon)

    I am a Canadian citizen (been here for 11 years) and originally from Jordan. I just went back to Jordan in March for a visit and ended up getting married (not planned). I knew the girl from before (11 years ago) and my parents are very close to hers. I wanted to just get engaged but I knew I...