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  1. PrincessCRV

    Spousal sponsorship

    Go to the FBI website and complete the electronic application. You will then find someone in Canada (Just google who can do this in your area) who can take your fingerprints using the form provided on the website (printed on standard white card stock). Mail that in...
  2. PrincessCRV

    PPR Self Addressed Envelope Question? USA to Canada

    It sounds like they prepared everything the same way as an online account. They don't always know what they are doing at the FedEx stores (since they don't come across this often), so that's why I did mine online. As long as there was an international shipping label created that had the CIC...
  3. PrincessCRV

    Emigrating to the USA?

    Your wife would have to meet the residency requirement of being physically present in Canada 2 years in a 5-year period. There is no minimum amount of time she would have to stay there before leaving the country after becoming a PR. Are you a Canadian citizen? If so, any time she spent outside...
  4. PrincessCRV

    Spousal sponsorship

    They probably extended the expiration date on your medical exam. If you are close to approval, they will extend it sometimes. Otherwise, they will send you a request to have another one done soon.
  5. PrincessCRV

    Spousal sponsorship

    Not everyone gets their file transferred. Some will stay in Mississauga, so don't worry!
  6. PrincessCRV

    Spousal sponsorship

    Yes, the online request provides you with the same report and is accepted. Just print it out and send it in.
  7. PrincessCRV

    Can I visit the US while applying for a green card?

    So, you are going to remain in Canada while the I-130 is filed? I'm a little confused because the I-485 is for an adjustment of status for someone who is already legally in the US and will remain there while the application is processed (this is similar to the Canadian inland process). This...
  8. PrincessCRV

    Getting married on a cruise

    On some cruise lines, I know that you actually have to be married at the courthouse or in a civil ceremony before you embark on the ship. Your "wedding" on the ship is really a vow renewal since you are already legally married before the cruise. This is because the ship operates in international...
  9. PrincessCRV

    Sponsoring my American Spouse - Questions re: Freelance and Travel

    Straightforward outland US applications with no red flags will be processed around 6 months, or sometimes less. These go through Mississauga, with the actual passport request coming from Ottawa. I think in your case applying outland would be the best option and give you the most flexibility. He...
  10. PrincessCRV

    **MISSISSAUGA PROCESSING** - Outland Spousal Applicants

    You're welcome! So glad it all worked out for you!
  11. PrincessCRV

    **MISSISSAUGA PROCESSING** - Outland Spousal Applicants

    Congrats!! So happy for you!
  12. PrincessCRV

    proof of relationship - pictures

    It's the name that matches your passport.
  13. PrincessCRV

    Outland USA sponsorship

    Yes, you should get your son's citizenship. He will not need to be sponsored. There are no minimum financial requirements for spousal sponsorship, so it doesn't matter who makes more. You just have to be able to show that you can financially support yourselves and that you won't go on social...
  14. PrincessCRV

    GF wants to come to US to get married, but not stay. Proof of returning home? K-1 Visa?

    If she doesn't plan to stay, you do not need a K-1 visa. That is an immigrant visa. She should come over as a visitor (no visa necessary if she is a Canadian citizen). Once you get married and she returns home, she can apply for your PR. She should not announce her intentions at the border to...
  15. PrincessCRV

    Spousal sponsorship

    Yes, this is possible. Mine changed to application approved the day they issued the visa. I found an email address for CPC Ottawa on my old papers. It is You could ask them if they received your documents and explain your situation again.That would probably get you a...
  16. PrincessCRV

    Second Request - PPR

    You probably have til Feb 6 then. As long as you've sent them an inquiry, you should be fine.
  17. PrincessCRV

    Second Request - PPR

    What did the second request say? Was it a copy of the original letter with the original date on it? Or was it a whole new letter with a new date on it that said to comply within 30 days? If you do plan to send it again via courier, it only takes a day or two to get the papers to them, so you...
  18. PrincessCRV

    Getting married to USC fiance

    He should never lie to the officer, but if they don't ask, don't offer that information. He IS visiting you, which is technically the purpose of his visit. He just isn't giving additional details. Yes, he could come under dual intent (visiting, but applying for PR), but the burden of proof is...
  19. PrincessCRV

    I am confused, I need urgent help plzzz

    I am not familiar with the processing time in appeal cases. I would think that they would start where they left off, but it may be that they treat it as a new case. Someone who knows more about this process could tell you more. The 12-month average is for normal cases. Whenever there are...