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  1. emceemouli

    Find work in Canada

    To be frank no...unless you have unique skills or you can try through internal transfer if your company is here as well...
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    Moving to Vancouver or Stay in Montreal (need your help please)

    Yes I have been living in calgary since 2011. Luckily I am fine through the economy as I am not in oil and gas field...I am into Information Technology sector. The economy is picking up but rather slowly though....But if you are lucky to get a job which is usually higher average salary than...
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    I would suggest you to take it as we may not how the scores might might go on the upper side with more H1B people from USA applying and govt might even change in the upcoming elections. You can get your PR work in BC for sometime and you have the option to move Ontario or elsewhere as...
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    Moving to Vancouver or Stay in Montreal (need your help please)

    Agree with the opinions. Calgary economy had been bad since 2014 and just starting to pickup...Hopefully soon.. But affordability is much better...Big city with a small town feeling....
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    Hey guys.. for detailed information.. you can check the link in my signature for the express entry steps. have made a video on it.. Thanks Chandra
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    Best City to live in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto

    I have been in Calgary for almost 8 yrs now and I love Calgary. Economy had been bad but picking up... Big city with small town feeling....Housing prices comparitively lower and more affordable. Check my site
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    Moving to Vancouver or Stay in Montreal (need your help please)

    You should explore Calgary as option
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    Moving from USA(H1B) to Canada(PR)

    My experience is almost the a 10 K drop when I came to Canada and got hiked 15 K in 5 care cost is free and you have take that into your calculation as well. Just choose between peace of mind and money...I was stressed with all the visa and GC stuff....My wife got...
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    You can check this site - for lots of information that might be helpful
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    Is it really worth it?

    But all the restrictions you mentioned are currenlty being scrutinized. I applied for PR for my parents and we got in 10 months. Also Canada provides full medical coverage to seniors prescription included. US doesn't provide that....not sure if medicaid applies to everyone. Medical coverage is...
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    Which Bank is Best?!

    I have both TD and Scotia and I landed in 2011. Scotia's startup program was wonderful and they gave me a house mortgage loan in a year. For TD, I have to wait 3 yrs to get a mortgage....once you establish your credit history, you can increase your credit limit 6 yrs, I have enough...
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    Suggest Airlines

    Try skyscanner website and you can select the cheapest flight.
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    Is it really worth it?

    Been here in Canada since 2011. Had been in US for about 11 yrs. Did my masters there and was in H1B for about 8 yrs. Got PR here and moved here with a Job and got citizenship couple of years back. Life as mentioned by others is not as hectic as in US and there is sense of belonging here. Only...
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    ***Living in Toronto***

    You can also visit this site for more information. I just created this after I came to canada based on my experience Hope it helps.
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    Manitoba or Saskatchewan for new immigrants

    I live in Calgary. What I have heard from my friends is that recently lots of Job opportunities in Saskatchewan and that the house prices are comparitively lower. Only thing is that the weather is harsh in winter.
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    No I had to send them an email asking their confirmation and they responded saying they received after a week..but they dont send any confirmations by default.
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    Same here ...medicals showed passed in 2 days for my parents but the background check turned to progress only 2 days before ppr request and it is still in parents already sent the passport to visa office
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    Thanks Rossei...sorry had been a while...lots of things going on :-)
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    Still says inprocess and i checked my parents email and saw this request :-) No updates online yet.