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    Proof of Fund

    Are you authorized to work in Canada? If not, you need to show proof of funds.
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    Funding to my Sister's study

    I don’t get involved in misrepresentation & lying on applications.
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    Work experience

    What stream are you applying to? FSW, CEC? Do you have an ITA? If yes, it shows you are still working.
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    Funding to my Sister's study

    She has to show career advancement and in her home country. PSW is a program you can take out of high school. You don’t need to be a nurse.
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    Quarantine rules for immigrants

    What has changed?
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    Please how can I obtain a letter of acceptance from a Canadian designated learning institution

    Apply to a public or private college or university and get accepted. Do some research on schools
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    Negative Covid Test You need a Covid test to enter Canada.
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    Is there anyone who has faced pgwp issue due to semester off?

    Finacial reasons are not really a valid reason so you will not be eligible for a PGWP. If you can’t afford tuition what are you doing right now? How will you pay for your tuition.
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    Extended Family Authorization IMM0006e Questions

    She needs written authorization to travel so you will need to prove that you are dating. She also needs to show that her visit is essential. Response can take anywhere from 3 weeks to months.
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    Is there anyone who has faced pgwp issue due to semester off?

    Depends. Did you have school approval for the break?
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    Funding to my Sister's study

    She needs to show career progression in her home country. Why does she need to take a Canadian certificate course and how does it relate to her BSc and career.
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    Endorsement Letter expired during the proccess

    You need a new endorsement letter as extensions are not allowed...
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    Temporary visas for spouse if would be husband have business PR

    You need visitor visas and written authorization to travel to show your visit is essential and necessary. Do you have sole custody? If so you will need to show that. Because you are not married you may have a difficult time getting approval.
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    Express Entry Profile - Overall Score: 0

    You can’t submit a profile until the ECA is completed.
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    Quarantine rules for immigrants

    You hotel quarantine at your Port of Entry so Toronto. You book using the government provided phone line and only book with one of the approved hotels. When cleared, you can continue to Calgary and finish quarantine there.
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    Self Employed Translator - Questions about Self Employed immigration program

    The person hasn't been on the forum since 2016.
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    Work experience

    What stream? Does the letter outline your duties and NOC? Do you need to count the time worked after the letter?
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    Temporary visas for spouse if would be husband have business PR

    Did he not include you on his application? Do you have a visitor visa? If not apply. Are you bringing your child and does child have a passport and visa? Was the child included in your husband's application?
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    GOv approved hotels pricing

    Just look in the International Students section. You can’t miss it.
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    Please it is urgent.... visitor visa.

    Where do you live? High chance of refusal if you have spousal sponsorship application in process.