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    Hi guys, I am working at Domino's as an Assistant manager for last 9 months. I am in PGWP. Do I need LMIA to get the points for job position. What should I enter when I calculate my Express entry point in CIC website. Should I click yes on the field "Do you have a valid job offer supported...
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    Apprentice program

    Would I be able to apply for PR in a job related to apprenticeship field like Electrical apprenticeship?
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    electrical engineering technician

    Hi all, What are job opportunities of Electrical engineering technician in Canada?
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    Changing college

    Hello friends, I got visa for Fleming college but I would like to change my college for the same course which I applied on Fleming college. I want to move to centennial college. What should I do? Does it affect any future PR problems? Thanks.
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    please help!!!!

    IELTS Overall 6.5 (no band less than 6) 10 th- 82% 12th - 83% Mathematics - 6.23 GPA I got electrical engineering technician in Fleming college( Graduate diploma program 2 year) Friends, am I eligible to get Visa if I satisfy all other requirements
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    Please help with sop

    Hi, My name is Alex Manuel. I am from India. I am going to write my SOP for PG DIPLOMA in Mohawk college, my problem is I got only 56% in my graduation ( mathematics) so what is your opinion friends, should I mention the reason for my low grade in graduation. I got 82% in 10th , 83% in plus...
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    Please help...Minimum percentage

    Hi, What is the minimum percentage of getting Visa for PG DIPLOMA in Canada for a graduate student in India?
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    Chances for getting Visa for PG DIPLOMA in Canada

    Guys I have 56 ℅ in my graduation ( mathematics), 83% in plus 2 and 82% in 10. so what is the chances for getting Visa for relevant PG DIPLOMA in Canada, if I meet all other visa requirements?