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    Proof of Relation

    I had received a nomination from SINP, now I have to submit proof of relation, my aunty (my father’s sister) living in Canada SINP, She is almost 80 years, at that time there was no documentation system implemented in Pakistan , she married in 1960’s,therefore, her husband name mentioned on all...
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    Update Diploma duration in Express Entry Profile after got PNP Nomination

    My cousin received SINP-PNP nomination.He mentioned one year diploma instead of six months in Express Entry Profile(EEP).Now can he change/update it in EEP. Will it cause any negative impact on express entry profile?
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    Change of NOC

    I am MBBS Doctor(Medical Professional), applied for immigration through SINP PNP and Express Entry one year ago. My NOC is 3216 Medical Sonographer which was not select since May 2019. Now, I want to change my NOC, if I delete the current express entry profile and SINP PNP profile and create...
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    Sonography / Ultrasound Attestation ???-Karachi Pakistan

    I did MBBS , M.Sc in Diabetes from DOW Medical College. I also done 2 years certification/diploma in Ultrasound from Private Institute from Karachi,Pakistan..Where should i go for its attestation for my Ultrasound Certificate? HEC / IBCC denied to attest my Ultrasound Certificate May i go to MCC...
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    HEC Verfication required for MCC ??

    I am Doctor from Karachi,Pakistan before (Medical Council of Canada) MCC Verification , HEC verification is mandatory or not ????
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    Proof of Relationship

    My Maternal and Paternal family members are living in Canada , my question is what proof would be required for Submission to Canadian Government
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    ARDMS for ECA

    I am from Pakistan, wish to apply for PNP immigration Program-Express Entry. I got 7 overall IELTS band, By Profession I am doctor and did MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery-05 years degree program) and also completed M.Sc in diabetes and endocrinology (Master of Science - 2 years...
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    ECA for Doctors --WES Vs ARDMS

    Dear Sir, I wish to apply for Saskatchewan/Ontario Immigration Program-Express Entry. Detail information are as under for assessment purpose. I wish to ask one more thing should. Primary Applicant is practicing doctor, Should I get ECA(Educational Credential Assessment) of all her Medical...
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    I am from Pakistan , which body is useful,fast for ECA for Canadian immigration ?