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    waiting for an interview date/Vietnam

    no thing at the moment maybe couple of weeks more
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    INVESTER ...need really help

    karachi123, what sort of question should i prepare my self for? roughly when can i expect the interview date and time after the notification letter. thanks and good luck
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    INVESTER ...need really help

    Hi karachi123, Brother i applied under quebec investor and i got a letter from hong kong saying my name is put on a waiting list brother please tell me 1) when will i receive interview letter after the letter saying my name is put on a waiting list. 2)did you attend interview in Hong kong? 3)was...
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    waiting for an interview date/Vietnam

    Hi thinh99, I think we are in same boat received letter saying i am on waiting list to be schedule for interview received a letter on November 28,2009 still waiting to be schedule for interview please update us as well once you receive a letter of the interview date and i will do the same. Cheers
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    Received Notification of Interview for CSQ

    Hi, Can any one please tell me how long will take to be scheduled for interview i just received a notification from BIQ Hongkong stating that their office has determined that I require an interview. thanks
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    What is my IELTS Score..?

    Hi, Please tell me how much my score listening 6.5 reading 5.5 writing 6.0 speaking 6.5 Thanks
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    How can I track my file No. Status online ?

    Hi Mehar, How long it took to receive a Quebec selection Certificate and also which country did u applied from coz i applied as well and i am waiting to be approved for CSQ. Thanks
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    Thread for Investors who sent thier application for CSQ

    Hi Shera, Which visa office did you send the application have you been contacted the since any interview or documents request ??? Cheers
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    Thread for Investors who sent thier application for CSQ

    Dear Friends, I am starting a thread for people who sent their investor application for CSQ. please share your time lines,as well as the visa office. Application sent to HongKong August 31,2009 AOR Received :Sep 15th,2009, Waiting for next step to receive
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    File sent to wrong Visa Office

    Hi, I sent my file to wrong visa office instead of senting to BIQ Hong Kong i sent my file to Direction de l'immigration économique Service de la sélection - Gens d'affaires 360, rue Saint-Jacques, bureau 320 Montréal, Québec H2Y 1P5 can any one please tell me what should i do who do i...
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    Expected time to get certificate from Bank verifying source of income under qube

    Hi Guys, I recently sent my papers to bank for verification of my source of assets could any one please tell me roughly how long thay take to issue declaration and certificate and how do they verify the source of assets.
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    quebec investor programe interview question

    Hi Guys, Can any 1 please tell me what sort of question visa officer ask in quebec investor programe specialy regarding business thanks
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    Quebec Investor Programme

    Hi Sue can you please give me a rough idea what sort of questions they ask in the interview
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    Quebec Investor Programme

    thanks very much for ur instant reply i applied as quebec investor immigration programe and waiting for interview to be held i think its in hong kong my question wheather its an immigration pannel or just 1 immigration officer whoes conducting interview . thanks
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    Quebec Investor Programme

    Hi guys wanted to know what kind of questions they ask in interview for quebec investor it very tough interview