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    Payment of Fees Online

    CIC gives you a client number when they start processing your application. I didn't receive my client number until my husband received a letter saying he was approved as a sponsor. We applied outside canada spousal. It took a little over a month for him to receive this approval from the time...
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    UK citizen emigrating to marry Canadian - Advice needed

    You don't have to get married in Canada, but the marriage must be considered legal by Canadian law. I honestly have no idea if a marriage in the UK is legal in canada, but I can't imagine if it's legal in the UK why it wouldn't be legal in Canada. Your spouse would then sponsor you for...
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    traveling to canada after paper work sent

    I've read some posts on a different forum where people coming from the US into Canada to visit spouses were treated horribly by IOs. In one situation a wife was visiting her husband for their wedding reception in Canada and she was stuck at the border for nearly two hours trying to convince the...
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    traveling to canada after paper work sent

    Gdaymate didn't say to lie. If you read the last sentence of his post, he suggests saying you are visiting friends, because this is TRUE, without giving IO cause for concern. The only reason for this is because several people have had horrible experiences crossing the border in this situation...
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    Want to immigrate American fiancée/spouse--can we avoid separation?

    One thing that stands out to me in your post is that you will not need to register for a legal marriage certifiacate at that time. It has to be a legal marriage for you to be able to sponsor your spouse.
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    application received question

    Did you apply "outside Canada" or inland? I'm assuming outside. I ask because AIP takes a lot longer for inland. The processing timeline in Mississauga for outside appications is 49 days. Mine took about 27 days, but I read on another forum that they are currently taking about 42 days. I...
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    American citizen marrying Canadian Citizen // STUDENTS !

    You don't need to meet any income requirements for spousal sponsorship.
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    My situation: Please help! Or give advice.

    I will tell you what I know from reading at CIC and from various forums, but I am not an expert. If you want to be a student in Toronto, you would be considered an international student and I think you might need a student visa. Not really sure. It would also be quite expensive as you are not...
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    Getting my fiance into Canada

    Start reading at the CIC website under applying for permanent residence, family class. It's tricky. You cannot sponsor your fiance unless you've been living together for one year and apply as common law, or unless you can prove that there are reasons that you cannot be together for one year...
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    When to have my medical exam??

    I got my medical exam done in Ottawa. I looked on the CIC website at the list of medical practitioners and called around. Some didn't have appointments for a month or so, but the one place had an appointment for me the following week. I had this done this past August. I also had to take...
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    Getting married and moving to BC

    There are more steps required to getting a job if you don't have PR, which you won't get until you send in all of the paperwork and get approved. I'm in a similar situation. I'm american and just got married to a canadian. He is sponsoring me under family class outside canada since it will be...
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    How much does the medical exam cost??

    Sorry, that's $130 Canadian
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    How much does the medical exam cost??

    I'm an American married to a Canadian and I had mine done in Ottawa, ON. It cost $130.
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    Permanent Residency Application and change of passport information-consequences?

    I'm not sure of the answer to your question, but I will tell you that I'm in a similar situation. I sent my paperwork in before I changed my last name on my US passport. I received an entirely new passport with a new number. However, I did write immigration a letter with my...
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    new passport

    I realize now that there is no form to fill out for a name change, only for an address change. Do I send the copy of my new passport to Mississauga since my application is still there? I did warn them in my application that I would be changing my name on my passport and that I would be sending...
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    police record

    I believe it takes 49 days at Mississauga and then another 3-9 months at Buffalo.
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    new passport

    I am an American citizen and I just recently sent in an application under the family class (spouse) for immigration. I sent the forms in on Sept 5. I had my last name changed when my husband and I got married in August. I just recently received my new passport with my name changed on it, but...
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    Does US citizen need special visa to marry Canadian in Canada?

    A US citizen does not need a special visa to marry a Canadian. I'm American and I married my Canadian husband in Canada this summer while I was visiting. The only thing I needed was to show my passport to get the marriage license. I'm applying for permanent residence outside of Canada...
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    Family not accompanying me to Canada

    I know what you mean about being a bit confusing. I just finished filling out all that paperwork. You are the only one who needs to fill those forms out.
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    Medical exam - passport photo requirement discrepancy?

    I just had a medical exam done a month ago in Ottawa. I needed the 4 canadian sized passport photos. I applied under family class.