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    Pr card mailed but not yet received

    hi! I just want to ask if anybody here experienced same thing. Ecas says the card was delivered AUG 13th. I live in Vancouver. It is already 2 weeks but I haven’t receive any. Please help.
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    Yes to paper application. Well you can go there and do it online and print out I believe but there’s fee. Whatever requirements that is written on the website was all I submitted. And yes, I prepared everything just so the moment i land to manila, my first stop is the VAC since I don’t have any...
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    Yes that one
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    so I’m back! To give information about the processing of PRTD in Manila. I arrived at Naia around 7am last APRIL 24 2018 TUESDAY and went straight to Visa office. I chose passport Pick up and SMS service and paid less than 800 pesos. Because it was holiday on May 1st, they informed me that my...
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    Expired PR Card

    No, you have to apply at the Visa office.
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    Expired PR Card

    Apply for prtd..
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    Text confirmation PRTD MANILA

    HI! I just want to ask people who picked up passport for PRTD. What time do they usually tell you if you have to pick up you’re passport? Any timeline for PRTD processing? Thanks!!
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    Processing of PRTD in Philippines

    Mga anong oras ka nakareceive ng message na kunin mo na ung prtd mo? Or naapproved?
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    Processing of PRTD in Philippines

    Thanks sa reply mo. Maybe kaya ganon katagal ung sayo kasi alam nila magstay ka naman dito ng 7 weeks?
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    Processing of PRTD in Philippines

    Why did it take 4 weeks? 1 month po ba ung vacation niyo? Resident na ba kayo dito or more than 730 days na ang stay dito sa canada?
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    HI! Anybody who recently applied for Prtd in manila? Share your experience please! Thanks!
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    PR CARD Received

    Hi! Anybody got a card without seeing there application status on ECAS? Or atleast anybody here applied for urgent PR card renewal lately?
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    pr card renewal timeline

    Any update?
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    New urgent processing rules for PR card renewal + secondary review

    Hi what happened to your request? I got the same exact response.
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    Canada PR Card Renewal - Urgent Processing

    How many days did you wait for the card?
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    Urgent PR card Renewal Application

    Hi! Do you still remember your timeline? Tnx
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    PR Card renewal process

    Does it have something like this? Once the card is produced, it will either be: Mailed directly to you, or Be randomly selected for in-person pick up. this random selection for in-person pick up allows IRCC to gather information for improving the processing of PR Card applications. If...
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    PR Card renewal process

    What does the email say?
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    Urgent renewal and AOR

    2 weeks ago. I mean, what does the AOR say? Do they confirm if they’re making the card? The problem is i cannot see my application online..
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    Urgent renewal and AOR

    hi! Does anybody have experience renewing pr card urgently? And what does an AOR states? Like what does it say on an email? Thank you!