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    new passport

    I am an American citizen and I just recently sent in an application under the family class (spouse) for immigration. I sent the forms in on Sept 5. I had my last name changed when my husband and I got married in August. I just recently received my new passport with my name changed on it, but...
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    immigration forms

    Hello everyone. I'm a US citizen being sponsored by my husband (Canadian citizen) for permanent residence. I'm just filling out the papers and I had a question. It says to attach another piece of paper if additional space is needed. I am supposed to write my name and the page number in the...
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    immigration forms

    Hello everyone. I am an American citizen recently married to a Canadian citizen. I am filling out the paperwork to apply for permanent residence. The form says to enter my name as it appears on my passport. Currently, my passport has my previous last name, not my married last name. I don't...
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    applying as a spouse

    I am an American citizen. I married my husband, a Canadian citizen, this past saturday. I am just starting to fill out all the necessary paperwork etc. I have one question. Do I have to wait until I receive the marriage certificate to apply as a spouse, or can I use my Record of...
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    FBI clearance

    I sent a letter to the FBI requesting a blank fingerprint card for a clearance. They sent me two blank cards. I had them both done. I recently sent my cover letter as well as one set of prints to the FBI for a clearance. Should I have sent both sets of prints?
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    spouse sponsorship

    I have a few questions that I was hoping to get some answers to. I will be marrying a Canadian citizen in August. I am trying to be very organized and complete some of the paperwork ahead of time. My first question is will it matter that my name on the documents now is my current last name...
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    answer to my previous question

    I think I have a better understanding of my previous question. However, if anyone can help clarify for me, that would be great. If I read and understood correctly, the process will go something like this: my boyfriend and I will get married we will send in the applications for him to...
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    spouse sponsorship

    My boyfriend is a Canadian citizen. We're planning to get married in approximately 2 years so that he can then sponsor me. I know that I can apply outside of Canada through Buffalo. My question is can I stay in the US and continue my job until I am granted PR, or do I have to move to Canada...
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    general questions

    I am a US citizen. I am currently dating a Canadian citizen. I am a high school teacher currently taking courses toward a Master's degree. I was wondering what would be the best way to become a canadian citizen. From the little research that I've done, I'm assuming that being sponsored by...