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    Independent Contractor & Canadian Experience Class

    Hey, I work for a Canadian business as an independent contractor since November 2017. Until September 2018 I was doing this whilst in Toronto (I am continuing the work whilst back in the UK). I do not work for any other clients, I don't class myself as self-employed in this sense. I have one...
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    LMIA application for a remote position

    Thanks for confirming that... *cries*
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    LMIA application for a remote position

    Yes the position in Canada would be remote, but on an employee contract rather than self employed or indepdent contractor. This is why I'm concerned we can't apply for a LMIA. What also concerns me is that I won't be able to get a positive LMIA to support a job offer for PR either meaning my...
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    LMIA application for a remote position

    Hello, was hoping someone could shed some light on my situation... I work for a Canadian tech company (11 months legally in Canada on IEC, 4 months in UK). I work remotely as an independent contractor, but my boss has offered me an employed position in Canada. I want to try and come back to...