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    Anyone sent their transcripts to IQAS and got the ECA?

    Hello, Anyone here who got ECA certificate by sending their own genuine sealed transcript to IQAS? I got my transcripts from university last year before I came to Canada, they are in sealed envelope stamped and signed by univeristy. I saw on IQAS website that applicant can send sealed...
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    Letter of explanation for PGWP?

    Hello, I will be applying for PGWP soon and wanted to confirm if we need to upload letter of explanation in client info section along with other mandatory documents. Thank you!
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    Work permit for Unpaid intership?

    Hello, I graduated in April 2020 and got an unpaid internship offer 3days/week. I am currently on my study permit which expires July 31st and planning to apply for PGWP in next month (June end). Can i accept this offer and work as unpaid intern on study permit while still looking for full-time...
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    Apply for PGWP while under implied status for study permit extension?

    Hello, i applied for study permit extension on Feb 7th 2020 and still waiting, If study permit extension is delayed due to Covid-19 can i apply for PGWP while under implied status or i have to wait till i get decision on the extension application. Program is ends in April 2020. Thank you!
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    IMM5709e question about "the cost of my studies will be".

    Hello, i am extending my study permit for 3 months for the program i am currently enrolled in, i already paid my 1 year tuition fees and GIC last year. So i IMM5709e form what will be the answer for the question "the cost of my studies will be", is it going to be 0 CAD or the tuition fees i have...
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    Certificate of Achievement for PGWP

    Hello, i am an international student currently enrolled in a graduate certificate program duration 1 year started fall 2019. I was planning to apply for another program which is 3D modeling and visual effects at Humber college fall 2020. This program is "Certificate of Achievement" duration 8...
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    Only 2 Weeks to leave after Study permit expiry.

    Hello, i entered Canada as an international student on Aug 9th 2019. Will study at Seneca, Game art and animation 1 year PG program. The Study Permit they issued me has same expiry date as my program end date which is Apirl 17 2020. And in conditions they mention "must leave canada by...
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    Should passport and LOA address needs to be same?

    Hello, i have a concern, does the passport and LOA address should be same? My passport has the old address and my letter of acceptance has the new address where i live now. Should i ask the college to change my address to the old address and issue a new LOA with updated address or it doesn't...
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    Documents for SDS

    If i apply under SDS i still have to show the bank statements, Parents ITR,SOP, work exp. etc.?