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  1. Qwertypod

    How realistic is LMIA?

    It's realistic as other people have qualified for and received them, if that's what your question is? It completely depends on your personal background and situation - it's not anything you can base off of statistics.
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    There are no employers or immigration agents on this forum.
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    Inland Application: We left Canada to take care of family.

    Sorry for your situation. Your application could very well be considered abandoned as you are supposed to stay inside country - nobody here will be able to tell you for sure what will happen, and you seem to be aware of the consequences. Is the sponsor a PR or citizen?
  4. Qwertypod

    Procedural Fairness Letter received, by a silly mistake. How to overcome it?

    There's nothing to understand about the truth - you were either truthful in the application to begin with, or your husband was 100% unaware of the refusal for some reason (which they understand doesn't usually happen). You should not be outright planning for an approval as misrepresentation is...
  5. Qwertypod

    Procedural Fairness Letter received, by a silly mistake. How to overcome it?

    You were unaware of a refusal? Depends on how they view your truthfulness about being unaware as they provide plenty of opportunities to disclose any previous refusals. Nobody can say for sure.
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    No status but want to file tax?

    Has he been a visitor for 6 years? How long has he been out of status? Why does he want to file taxes? So many questions.
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    Again, you haven't really provided a strong enough reason for spending a lot of money to study in Canada. If you no longer have strong ties to home, this will not help as your position seems to have worsened since the two rejections. I would hold off, establish yourself further, and once you...
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    I doubt you will get approved after two rejections and not changing your situation or advancing in any way since. Are you also seriously asking if you should lie and misrepresent yourself on the application? You can get banned for 5 years. What is your personal reasoning for studying in...
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    Common-Law Inland Application - Query

    How did you become a PR?
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    Quarantine rules for immigrants

    Looks like they will be coming into effect on 2/22.
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    PR expired, RO obligation and PRTD

    I think renouncing and having your wife sponsor you again will be the least stressful/complicated way. I doubt you will get an H&C consideration using the reasons and timeline you listed.
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    Visitor visa for parents

    They will have to travel to somewhere that is booking appointments.
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    Any new information on the latest announced travel restrictions please post here

    If ubers are now public transit, please sign me up:D
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    Travel outside of Canada as a PR while my Spouse application is in process

    As a PR, yes you do need to stay in Canada throughout the process to qualify as a sponsor. If you were a citizen, it wouldn't matter. You are taking a risk by leaving. If at any point you will not be able to enter the country (due to unavailable flights or travel restrictions, for example), and...
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    Visa application in Nairobi Kenya

    Yeah that's what my point was as well, but thanks.
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    Driver job

    What is your question
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    Canada vs. USA (Take Home)

    If you are trying to save money, in a single income household, I would recommend going with cheaper rent than 2K, which is currently attainable due to the pandemic forcing a lot of tenants to move away from downtown and leaving a lot of rentals empty. In an ideal scenario, you want your rent to...
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    Spousal Sponsorship

    It's a huge red flag to them that you did not visit or spend any time together in the 2 years (!!) after your marriage. I would be prepared to have a very good reason for this. How much time have you physically spent with each other since marriage?
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    A global pandemic might be one reason.
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    Didn't meet income requirements in 2020. Am I disqualified for being a potential family sponsor for the next 3 years?

    This isn't true. You either qualify or you don't. They've already lowered LICO for 2020, and the rest of LICOs are low enough already also.