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    Visitor Visa for disabled person ( handicapped or over-aged dependent due to medical condition)

    Hello All, i have seen lot of post stating that mentally or physically disabled children ( include brother & sister) can not visit Canada due to Disability. Recently i applied for ,my brother who is mentally disabled or state it as handicapped . He never went to school or never had a job. he...
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    Annyone applied in last week of june and still waiting for form reply from Delhi VFS ?

    I applied on 28 June online and received multiple acknowledgement letters from DELHI immigration department but nothing after that
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    Visitor visa for disable child

    My parents applied for visitor visa including my brother in the same application (who is disabled from birth). His visa got rejected on grounds that he has no financial support, tie in Canada. But I added him to the sponsorship letter. Should I reapply for him? and what documents do I need to...