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    Ontario Tech Draw: 16-Feb-2021

    People who received Ontario Tech Draw NOI on 16-Feb-2021, lets connect here.
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    Visitor Record Question

    Hi, I am on PGWP (valid till 2022) in Canada and my wife (visitor visa valid till 2023) and 3-year old kid (USA Citizen) re-entered Canada on 28-Dec-2019. They both had a visitor record (on basis of my Study Permit) that was valid until 31-Dec-2019. Upon their reentry, the immigration officer...
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    OINP - Job Offer: International Student - 26/Nov/2020

    Creating this thread for all those who were able to register on 26-Nov and are applying under this stream. December 15 The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has completed its examination of inquiries received following the opening of the Employer Job Offer: International Student stream...
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    Work Experience Letter Question

    Hello, I held several designations and worked across many projects and locations in my last Company (Cognizant). I believe Cognizant only provides a single experience letter with Roles and Responsibilities and does not allow any mention of Designations (except the last one), Projects or...
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    OINP FSW job offer NOC - exact match needed?

    Hi, My past experience is in NOC 2174 but my current job offer is in NOC 2282. Ontario PNP site states that for FSW "you must demonstrate work experience in the same occupation as the NOC code of your job offer". Does this mean I cannot apply under OINP FSW ? Please help.
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    Spouse travel during implied status ?

    Dear All, I am in implied status in Canada (applied for PGWP in Sep) and my study permit is valid till Dec 31 2020. Regardless of the current coronavirus situation, would my wife (who has a valid visitor visa) normally be allowed to enter Canada while I am employed full time under implied...
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    POE Letter Question

    I applied from US and my study visa and my wife's TRV are approved and stamped. I have received a "correspondence letter" (IMM5813_1) after visa approval that I think is the POE letter. However my wife has not received any such letter in the CIC online account. Is that going to be a problem?
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    Landing on Student Visa

    I will be travelling to Canada for study soon for Sep 2019 intake. My study permit is approved. Is it mandatory to pay the tuition fee before I move to Canada ? Can I instead show my fund availability and tell immigration officer that I plan to pay once I have opened a Canadian bank account?
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    Resigning from My Company Soon

    Good Morning All, I am about to quit my current job as an IT service manager in 2 weeks and moving to Canada for studies. Currently I manage a team of 14 developers and prod support personnel. What documents should I ask from the HR to help me if I apply for a PR in about a year from today?
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    Study permit from USA - Gather Here

    Please post your experience here if you applied from USA and recently got the study visa or are currently waiting.
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    USA born child's visa ?

    Hello, I have applied for a student visa for me and visitor visa for my wife, we are both citizens of India. My 1.5 year old daughter was born in USA and when I tried to add my daughter to my student visa application, it said online that a visa is not needed for her. My daughter holds a USA...
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    Biometrics Not needed

    I am a citizen of India and have been in USA since last 6 years. Yesterday after I submitted my study visa, it says I do not need bio-metrics to be done. I have never done bio-metrics before for Canada so not sure why I am excluded from it. Has anyone experienced this before? What should I do?
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    Too late for September entry ?

    Hi All, I just received an offer from Univ of Guelph for admission to masters program for Fall 2019. The classes will begin on 5 Sept and I am currently based in USA. Is it impossible to get a study permit in time for me?
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    Slightly less GPA

    Hi, I have 71% score in my last 2 years of Btech IT from India that is I believe slightly less than 3.0 GPA required by most universities in Canada. I have 12 years IT experience after that. Will universities be willing offer me an admission with my score and work experience in a computer...
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    Simple Question

    Hi, I just wanted to know if colleges generally ask for a WES evaluation for admission to Graduate Certificate programs?
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    IELTS Academic is enough ?

    Hi Guys, I hope you all are having a good day. My wife will apply for a graduate certificate course in Canada soon. As most institutions accept either TOEFL or IELTS Academic, would it be a good idea for her to take the IELTS Academic and use the same score in her study permit application too?