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    Immigration lawyers

    if you are looking i used Avatar immigration they got my visa in 12 months
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    criminal record/history

    firstly it will still be on your police cert secondly it is now spent so it will not matter if you have had no more problems with the law. thirdly you have to tell them otherwise they will find out and this will get your application rejected.
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    Quebec Investor Programme

    the interview is tough but if you tell the truth as the go and varify some of your answers and the check your finances from when you were 16
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    Quebec Investor Programme

    Landed march
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    INVESTER ...need really help

    your solicitor h for them to provide a file no and then you end up waiting another year for your interview then 6 months for medical and the 6 weeks for passport requests the as not told you the truth it takes that long
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    Guarranteed Investor residency for $120 K? true or false?

    You have to provide 120k up froint but its not easy they check your finances deeply and will know if you have borrowed money to put in your accounts so unless you have earned the money and have proof that you have assets upto 800,000 dont even apply under this catorgy
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    Immigration lawyers

    Toni Try Avatar immigration they are excellent got my visa in ung=derf 18 months start to finish ask for Ryan or delphine
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    Business Visa

    hi The normal waiting time is 4-8 months for even a reply. Even under this catorgary u could be waiting upto 4 years to get qualified i know some people who applied 6 years agao and have only got there pr good luck
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    Moving out of Nomination Provence

    what is the the special arrangement
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    Moving out of Nomination Provence

    what if i have an address in Montreal and that is on my PR card and the rest i register in toronto
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    Moving out of Nomination Provence

    i am not prepared to leave my family behind like some people why have kids if you cant look after them and be with them
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    This post is very silly as you both have a situation where you should just agree with each other but life in the UK is not a bed of roses and neith er is it in Canada, life in both countries depends on what you want out of it and what you are willing to put in (not for it to be put on a a plate)...
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    Moving out of Nomination Provence

    Thank you guys, I plan to stay at least 4 weeks and apply for jobs if i dont have any luck then I will move out of provence as i will have to pay bills and have afamily also and with no income coming in it will be a bad situation for all of us. Also my son will find it hard due to a stree...
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    Moving out of Nomination Provence

    Hi I will be landing in Montreal next month, if I am getting work by another provence can I move there straight away after landing or do I have to stay there I was accepted under the investment catagory
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    did medicals & paid RPRF since july 08 and still waiting

    i did my medical 11 november and got passport request 19th dec
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    Duration of passport submission

    They aked for oursand said to collect it in 14 days from droping it to them
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    Quebec Investor Programme

    Just got request to take our passports down to canadian embassy for visas process so far took less than one year from interview date but from application took exactly 1 year
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    interview for Quebec

    Hi update on visa had a call from my immigration rep said please take your passports to be stamped with visa, It took me exactly 1 year from submitting application to having visa issued we are now looking for accommodation in Montreal can anyone suggest where we go and what wee need to do upon...
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    interview for Quebec

    You only need to get copies certisfied for your degrees and proof of your secondary educations ie certificates. Do not read to much into this section, they mainly want proof of your funds and how they were obtained and your management experience.