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  1. DeanoC91

    Proof of Payment of the Right of Permanent Residence Fee

    Hello, So I got a letter for an interview and it asks to bring Proof of Payment of the Right of Permanent Residence Fee. I paid it with all the other fees before sending my application. The only proof I have is a receipt with a barcode and the total I paid but not what I paid for. Will this...
  2. DeanoC91

    Extend stay as visitor

    Hi, So my IEC Working Holiday Visa expires in June and I don't think my Open Work Permit will be processed on time. What is the best way to extend my stay as a visitor? And can I apply now just to be safe? Thanks
  3. DeanoC91

    OWP Mailing Address??

    Hey guys, Ready to send off my OWP application. Just a bit confused where to send it. Can somebody help please. Which of the follow addresses do I send it to: CPC Vegreville Work Permit 6212-55th Avenue – Unit 555 Vegreville, AB T9C 1X6 Note: For new employer applications only. CPC...
  4. DeanoC91

    Timeline for Open Work Permit

    Hey guys, Just about to send of my OWP application and my WHV expires in June. How long does it take to get the OWP ? Can people share their timeline. Thanks
  5. DeanoC91

    OWP - Date and place of most recent entry to Canada

    Hi, On the open work permit application it ask for the Date and place of most recent entry to Canada. So my situation is this. I have traveled to the US by land twice in the past few weeks and on re-entry to Canada they didn't stamp my passport. The last stamp I have is when I flew back to...
  6. DeanoC91

    Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union(IMM5409)

    Hello, I have just applied for PR and I am applying for an OWP. On the checklist is asks for: Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union(IMM5409), if applicable. Do I need to provide this ?
  7. DeanoC91

    IMM556E Background Information Q29(c OWP

    So, I am on a Working Holiday Visa and I have just applied for PR though family sponsorship. How do I answer this question on the work permit application? Have you previously applied to enter or remain in Canada? Do I answer yes and explain that I have applied for PR ? And I am on a working...
  8. DeanoC91

    Applied Outland but AOR says Inland ??

    Hi I applied outland to Mississauga and just received my AOR today. The subject line in the email says: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada - Communication to client/Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada - Communication auprès de la clientèle - CPCM / CTDM - Inland AOR F#######...
  9. DeanoC91


    Hey guys, Any Irish applicants applying for Spousal Sponsorship Outland, but living in Canada please share your experience and timeline. Thanks :D
  10. DeanoC91

    Proof of health insurance covering the intended extension

    Hello, I am applying to extend my stay with an Open Work Permit while I wait for my PR to be approved. If you are a participant in the International Experience Canada(IEC) program, provide proof of health insurance covering the intended extension to your length of stay in Canada I'm just a...
  11. DeanoC91


    IMM5710E - Background Information Q.2c Have you previously applied to enter or remain in Canada? My situation: I am on a Working Holiday Visa and I have just applied for PR(Yesterday) I answer yes and explain that I have just applied for PR? Thanks
  12. DeanoC91

    Document checklist

    Do I have to submit two document checklists? One for me and my sponsor .......or just the one for the two of us ? Thanks
  13. DeanoC91


    On a separate sheet of paper, provide any additional details of your current relationship that you believe would help to prove you relationship is genuine and continuing. Hi, I believe I have sufficient evidence provided already. What more can I add? Or is it OK to just skip this question...
  14. DeanoC91

    IMM008 Current Country of residence

    For the question current county of residence it asks for the dates to and from. It won't let me write ''present' in the box. Should I just leave it blank? HELP Thanks
  15. DeanoC91

    Medical examination

    Do I need to get a medical examination ? In the document checklist it says that this is optional??
  16. DeanoC91

    Is your relationship known to your close friends and family?

    Hey, I have a really long list of friends and family and cannot remember exactly what date everybody met my partner. What should I do? Should I write a date that is around the time they met? Or just write unknown ? Thanks
  17. DeanoC91

    Is there a Co-Signer on this application? HELP

    Question 3 on the IMM1344E form: Is there a Co-Signer on this application? What does this mean? My girlfriend is sponsoring me, she is a Canadian citizen and we are in a common-law relationship. Can somebody explain this. Thanks
  18. DeanoC91

    Police Certificate Ireland

    I still have my police certificate from when I applied for my working holiday visa(its nearly two years old). Will I have to request an up to date one from Ireland ? Thanks
  19. DeanoC91

    Inland vs Outland Question

    Could somebody please clear this up. I am living in Canada with my girlfriend and I heard that I can apply either Inland or Outland. Here is says outland sponsorship is when the Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident applies to sponsor a spouse who is not currently residing in Canada. Please...
  20. DeanoC91

    STATUTORY DECLARATION from family and friends

    Hello, A question about the statutory declaration from individuals with knowledge that your relationship is genuine and continuing. Are two notarized letters enough evidence or should I send more letter from friends and family too(not notarized just signed)? And can someone give an example...