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    Need a clarification

    So I sent my citizenship application 8 months ago and I called them to inquire about the status. Agent told me my background is passed and I asked if there are more stages after the background check before I get the test invite. He was very arrogant and started saying are you worried something...
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    Passport return time inside Canada

    I sent my passport for TRV and it's been more than 2 weeks and no update since then. Anyone in the same boat? Any idea how much time they usually take?
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    Passport return time TRV

    I sent my passport to Ottawa two weeks ago for TRV stamping. Haven't got it back. How much time does it take normally?
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    TRV inside Canada

    I applied for TRV inside Canada a month ago. No update since then. Anyone in the same boat? My status changed to reviewing your eligibility three days ago.
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    Review eligibility

    How long after the status changes to reviewing your eligibility from we will send you a message when we start reviewing your eligibility, I'll get decision? I applied for a TRV inside Canada a month ago.