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    New Brunswick PNP Program Telegram Channel

    Because of limited number of users in watsap, I have created a telegram channel for New Brunswick PNP, join it
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    Police Clearnce Letter - Bracket of last ten years

    Hello, Considering last 10 years, it starts from Jul 2008. I was in south africa from May 2008 to Nov 2008. If I consoder my last 10 years, my stay in south africa comes out to be 4 months. In such case, do I require PCC from South Africa? Here, I am talking about my 6 months of my stay in the...
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    GNDU Amritsar - WES - B.Tech - Query

    Hello everyone, I did my graduation from GNDU Amritsar. I would like to start the WES process for the education evaluation for immigrating to Canada. I am very confused regarding transcript and attested photo copies of detailed semester wise mark sheets. As part of WES process, what all...