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    Biometrics for PR inland applicants?

    Guys did any of you receive calls from service canada for biometrics?
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    Situation with IRCC. Please respond.

    My friend got ITA CEC. He went for medicals and was waiting for RCMP and PCC. He didn’t upload any documentation and he didn’t pay any fees. He received a mail from CPC OTTAWA I.e IRCC office stating he needs more medical tests to be done. Is it normal ? What u guys think.
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    Indian PCC

    Has anyone applied for Indian PCC in Bls on or after April 20
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    Indian PCC in Toronto

    Documentation delivered to BLS Brampton on 22 April, till today they didn’t even open the courier. And not even responding properly. Applied Canadian PCC on 22 April as well and even received it. These BLS are such morons
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    EE position dispute

    Guys a query. Kindly help me out. myself working in a Canadian restaurant with 50employees and 4 million turnover. My employer promised shift manager and shiftsupervisor to 2 other employees. All the 3 inpool and waiting for ITA. will there be any problem.
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    Need help

    guys Im in EE pool with 456 points CES class. 6months back when i applied for Work permit TRV ,i stated my occupation as supervisor,but my actual oppupation is close to bookkeeper and restaurant supervisor ,In EE what can my occupation position should be.
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    GUYS PLEASE ADVICE came to Canada as a student and got open work permit and have attained 1 yr Canadian experience in noc b category. my consultant when i applied for student visa didn't include my foreign experience of 1 yr .can i include it know for points.