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  1. Karlshammar

    hearing with a citizenship judge

    Does it give a reason for why they are calling you? What's your appointment date?
  2. Karlshammar

    Fleed from home for love marriage

    If you have a fear of violence from other people, you are expected to seek protection from the lawful authorities in the country. Your situation unfortunately does not make you a convention refugee. :(
  3. Karlshammar

    How to get Green in USA ?

    It is based on where you were born, not on citizenship. All countries that send over a certain amount of immigrants over the last 5 years are excluded. By the way, this is the wrong forum for U.S. immigration questions. ;)
  4. Karlshammar

    FEES Confusion....

    I gave you the answer, man! :D It's right in the link I pasted...
  5. Karlshammar

    Some time Immg. Off. did not stamp your Passport

    Are you talking to yourself? :)
  6. Karlshammar

    FEES Confusion....

    No worries, man! I am always smiling. Might be some problem with my facial muscles. ;)
  7. Karlshammar

    FEES Confusion....

    1. You have over 800 posts and are asking for basic fee information that is available straight up on the CIC website. 2. You post just over 10 minutes after your first post asking people to respond. Please don't do that. However, since I believe in being nice, I will help you out. You can find...
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    "No objection declaration" for divorce children

    My interpretation is that you are correct. The only way to know with 100% certainty is to check with the embassy, though.
  9. Karlshammar

    Visa Rejection--- Stamp or mark in passport

    Ah, I see. If you are concerned about third-party countries, just get a new passport and they won't be able to see any stamps.
  10. Karlshammar

    "No objection declaration" for divorce children

    You have to convince him then. Unless you have some sort of court document showing he has been stripped of all custody, you will need his consent.
  11. Karlshammar

    Spousal sponsorship

    Has her bankruptcy been discharged yet? I believe it is only undischarged bankruptcies that are a block to sponsorship. A spousal petition won't be approved without an approved sponsorship petition first.
  12. Karlshammar

    Interview Letters/CAIPS notes

    There are three situations in which you are exempt from paying: 1. You are a Canadian citizen. 2. You are a Canadian PR. 3. You are in Canada. If there is a Canadian address, I don't think they would demand some sort of proof of your actual presence, but who knows?
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    Please help with my U.S. visa application

    Oh, I see. I am surprised that you were not able to find a forum in U.S. immigration. There are tons of them!
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    Heilp, who can I complain to?

    I would not be surprised either. Would you be willing to order it so we can all find out? ;)
  15. Karlshammar

    I need help having to do with the marriage certificate

    They will not let you know that it is ready. You have to apply. I recommend doing it online rather than by paper as it is several weeks faster. You can do it here:
  16. Karlshammar

    Lawyers Suck

    You are correct (except about the spelling of my name ;) ). My mistake, it's the law society. Most professions are regulated by a "college" rather than a "society," so I wrote the wrong thing by default because I wasn't putting in the mental effort of thinking. :D
  17. Karlshammar

    Please help with my U.S. visa application

    Wrong forum, my friend. This is a Canadian immigration forum.
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    angry relatives

    I would like to suggest that doubting a paid professional lawyer's advice and instead seeking different advice from random yokels on an Internet forum like us is not the best path to take. :) As long as the lawyer's advice is not clearly ridiculous, follow it.
  19. Karlshammar

    Lawyers Suck

    You should also file a formal complaint with the college. The reason representatives get away with acting like idiots is that people don't file complaints and they know it.