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  1. tapperb

    Bachelor in Distance accepted for pg diploma?

    Contact schools and find out.
  2. tapperb

    Re-applying for a study permit. I would really appreciate any advice

    Since your high school grades are the last grades you have, you should definitely apply with them but I think you should provide your grades from your university as well no matter how bad they are. Any attempt to hide will not help your application. Obviously, write a SoP explaining your...
  3. tapperb

    13 years exp IT infrastructure project manager - need to choose University for Visa application acceptance

    If you take out loans then you can use the loans to pay for your tuition and provide proof of tuition payment alongside your normal balance. That way you can artificially bloat your economic capability for study permit purposes. Edit: Obviously don't show your loan if you do that.
  4. tapperb

    Still no offer letter..

    Takes a while to receive a decision. I wouldn't be worried. If you want clarification call their office number and inquire.
  5. tapperb

    Still no offer letter..

    Drop your paypal
  6. tapperb

    Still no offer letter..

    What intake are you applying for? Often, these colleges won't let you know through an update if you have not been accepted.
  7. tapperb

    13 years exp IT infrastructure project manager - need to choose University for Visa application acceptance

    Well, very interesting list of options you have right there. The best option may depend on what your goal is after graduation. Straight away I recommend you stay away from UNB and Asper Business as they are your worst options. Option 1 and 2 would provide you the most technical education as...
  8. tapperb

    York University (SCS) - Concern with Program

    From what I've seen on here, they care more about your qualifications and less about your experience but every VO is different
  9. tapperb

    York University (SCS) - Concern with Program

    They will look at your computer science degree and expect you to do a program related to that.
  10. tapperb

    Deferral and campus change

    You should not change course or school until your initial stupid permit application is approved (or refused). After that, switching is easier
  11. tapperb

    2yr MBA vs 2yr Global Business Management Program in Canada. Which one is better and why?

    Professor quality, peer quality, resources, networking opportunities, reputation, on and on. Ultimately, it is a brand on your resume for life.
  12. tapperb

    Can undergrade student bring spouse to canada?

    Higher level the course, the higher chance of spouse being allowed in.
  13. tapperb

    My engineering backlogs

    What is your explanation for 70 backlogs? It needs to be pretty extraordinary
  14. tapperb

    Admission for those with a very low percentage

    45% is close to a death sentence. I applied apply to public schools outside popular college and cities to increase your chances.
  15. tapperb

    Canford Institute Applications - May Intake

    I actually think doing a Udemy course would be better than going to that place
  16. tapperb

    Concordia universiry of Edmonton's part-time job

    It is one of the most populous Canadian cities so in theory and under normal circumstances there should be a lot of part time jobs. Things may be different right now because of Covid though.
  17. tapperb

    Study Permit Rejection

    You already have a Master's degree therefore the VO likely believes that your enrolment in a post-diploma course will do nothing to enrich you. You should enroll in a Master's or Ph.D. course if you can.
  18. tapperb

    Study Permit Rejection

    Whats your educational background?
  19. tapperb

    Please help me! Few questions

    I understand the point that you are trying to make. Colleges claim to provide 'specialized courses' that may make you feel you are getting the best certification for the job you are looking for but in reality, etting the job is different. Yes, university programs are more generic but it is also...
  20. tapperb

    Conditional offer based on A Level grades

    Yes you can get study permit like that, many A level students do. You just need to make sure you provide evidence of predicted grades, proof of enrolment at school and a letter from your school counseler maybe stating that you have exams in x date.