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    NNAS Assessment experience by Indian Nurses

    Hi Mr Nurse I am also a nurse currently placed at Delhi. Just want to ask on why your english requirement was waived?
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    NOVA SCOTIA Provincial Nominee Program January 2015

    If you have gone through the official notification released by Nova Scotia, they have halted applications till further notice. They have Also added that paper based applications will be accepted till June. Show it means they will release 2016 program in last of Jan or Feb. It will be a bit...
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    Nova Scotia 2015 whatsapp group

    Plz add me +91-8468092458
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    NOC 3012 Registered Nurse Registered Psychiatric Nurses

    Yes you can apply without fulfilling license requirements if you are scoring 67
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    Nurses coming to Nova Scotia

    Can we start a nurses watsapp group
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    Next year it's only express entry as main source of immigraton

    Nope ....only 50 percent app will be done through EE in 2016 whereas 2017 will be the year from where EE will be main source. You can google chris alexnder speech for more clarification
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    NOVA SCOTIA Provincial Nominee Program January 2015

    As per latest news and effort which are quite visible recently, all provinces in canada population grew at around 1.3 percent from 2011-14 whereas NOVA SCOTIA population growth was negative i.e -0.3% which means more people are leaving the province To fix this issue, NOVA Scotia government...
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    A complete way to nail 'Source of fund' dilemma!

    Hello Anuj Is it ok to show Only money in net worth certificate. I mean my maternal uncle has gifted me the money with affadivt and declarations. He has saving of around 1.5 crores in his saving account. Will it be ok to just attach the balance sheet of my maternal uncle gift deed and affadivt
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    NOVA SCOTIA Provincial Nominee Program January 2015

    from jan 16 ....NOVA SCOTIA PNP to go online and PNP will be awarded to individuals with highest score. it will not be on first come first serve basis. This information is per the immigration seminar held on 26th Oct in NS
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    National Nursing Assessment Centre NNAS

    Hi you hold a degree in Nursing or GNM course usually done in India.
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    National Nursing Assessment Centre NNAS

    frnds what about creating a Watsapp group specially for NNAS
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    NOVA SCOTIA Provincial Nominee Program January 2015

    just for your update people who filled on 09th march 2015 have rcvd AOR today.
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    NOVA SCOTIA Provincial Nominee Program January 2015

    lolz whats rubbish in posting a query here. and frankly speaking i am the guy who is waiting for Jan 2016 to open of Nova Scotia. Dont panic if something seems practical. I have a valid question and to clear more on your thoughts, i have been trying for pnp for last 01 year. You have just...
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    NOVA SCOTIA Provincial Nominee Program January 2015

    Hello Frnds Just going through this NS pnp thread from last 15 days. I am a bit confused. NS hasnt closed the stream so lets assume of the total 650 slots this year, they may have rcvd approximately 5000 applications of which lets assume 1000 will be rejected due to any of the reason. So you...
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    Nursing diploma evaluation from CNO Ontario express entry help pls????????

    For express entry i.e to apply for PR you need to get your education evaluation from or other 2 ECA as highlighted on cic website. CNO deals with nursing registration in thier provience. For more info please share your contact details on 8468092458 so that you can be added to Canada...