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  1. Blueboy1980

    Do tests always include an interview?

    Yes everyone gets an 'interview'. However they call it an interview but its not like you imagine. They just go over your papers, ask you questions like if you work and have you ever had a criminal record and what your plans are. Mine was like in a stand up booth and he was asking me the...
  2. Blueboy1980

    How long is the oath?

    My oath ceremony took about 1 hour but mine was Ottawa and around 80 people were taking oath that day.
  3. Blueboy1980

    Ottawa Office Timeline After Test

    From test to DM was 2 days. Test to Oath was just under 1 month.
  4. Blueboy1980

    October 2016 - Citizenship Applicants

    Ive already answered your question in your January Applications post
  5. Blueboy1980

    January 2017-Citizenship applicants

    You dont need to worry about anything. I had the same issue where on two of my arrivals into Canada my passport was not stamped. I asked the interviewer why that might be and he said that sometimes customs officers dont stamp them but its not an issue. In terms of documents take with you all the...
  6. Blueboy1980

    Flying after Oath taking- please help!

    How desperate are you for your citizenship ceremony to be held on the 23rd? If your PR card still has a while to expire why not call and say you are not available that day for the reason you need to travel on the 26th. They will give you another date a few months down the line. Maybe thats an...
  7. Blueboy1980

    What should I tell the CBSA officer if I get caught to be a PR?

    To travel within Canada all you need is government issued photo ID. No need for passport or PR card
  8. Blueboy1980

    Good Reasons to fill in gaps

    I don't think you understand clearly. Why are you asking other people? Everyones situation is unique. You need to be very careful about how you want to proceed with your application. If you are dishonest and CIC find out, that will get you in a lot of trouble.
  9. Blueboy1980

    Good Reasons to fill in gaps

    The truth is the only good reason. Why would you want to lie?
  10. Blueboy1980

    citizenship processing time

    British Passport
  11. Blueboy1980

    citizenship processing time

    Everyones situation is different. Website says 12 months however my whole application too just over 3 months.
  12. Blueboy1980

    Applied for citizenship but Residency about to expire. What should I do?

    The only thing that expires is the card, which is essentially just a travel document. Your residency status is not affected by this. The only problem with having an expired card is when you travel and want to come back into Canada.
  13. Blueboy1980

    Jan 2017 applicants: anyone received their citizenship ceremony invite yet?

    I received mine on the 7th April. My ceremony is on the 26th April. My whole process from day I posted the application has taken 101 days. Crazy quick considering it took over 10 months to renew my PR card!
  14. Blueboy1980

    citizenship processing time

    I sent my application off in Mid January and have my oath on the 26th of this month. So mine took 3 months
  15. Blueboy1980

    January 2017-Citizenship applicants

    Got my Oath Date yesterday! It's will be April 26th! I can't update the spreadsheet though for some reason :( I received the notification by ECAS and will be waiting the official letter by post.
  16. Blueboy1980

    Waiting for PR renewal so long

    Very normal unfortunately. 3 months after they received my application (April 2016) they sent me a letter saying it's gone for a secondary review. I got my card February 2017. Total of 11 months. They never requested more information and I had been outside of Canada for less than 3 weeks since...
  17. Blueboy1980

    PR card renewal 2017

    I know they advise 6 months before expiry, and it does say that on the website somewhere because I remember reading it.
  18. Blueboy1980

    Email from CIC that PR card renewal needs secondary review

    I don't know but can't see it being more than a couple of days if they are just correcting what the typed onto the card
  19. Blueboy1980

    How different are the online tests to the real deal?

    Congratulations on passing your test! I must disagree with one point you made. Although reading the book is ideal, I don't think it's key to passing the test. I did not read the book at all and just did practice tests online and I got 20/20 and finished it in 4 minutes. I think doing the...