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  1. foodie69

    Which part of BC should I settle?

    Surrey is full of Indians, North Van Persians, Burnaby Vietnamese, Chinese, Pinoy. Take your pick
  2. foodie69

    Bringing Fresh Vegetables Into Canada for Quarantine

    Get used to Canadian produce and life will become less complicated.
  3. foodie69

    I admitted using Marijuana year 2011

    Not for using dope, no..but for admitting it 9 years later.
  4. foodie69

    Quarantine after driving a rental car to Canada

    Sure..why not go shopping and do a bit of sightseeing while you're at it.
  5. foodie69

    Cant get Manitoba license

    Never heard of that. As an American she should have been able to exchange licenses, done.
  6. foodie69

    Maybe it is time to do this
  7. foodie69

    Burnaby to Chilliwack

    Chilliwack and Mission are gangland..traffic sucks and full of hillbillies.
  8. foodie69

    Bring three Nieces to Canada to visit

    Don't you know we have a worldwide crisis on our hand? Travellers and tourists are the last thing we need at the moment..
  9. foodie69


    Walmart is hiring..
  10. foodie69

    Investing in stock market

    Why not investing in Canadian stock? We need investments too..
  11. foodie69

    How much money is needed to live in BC for one year

    Mental health, being abused, drug history..what do I know. 99% of homelessness is home grown and not a result of immigration.
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  13. foodie69

    what happens if I know who took my PR Card from me?

    Come on a man. Knock on her door and demand your property being handed over immediately.. ;)
  14. foodie69

    Retired and wanting to move to Canada

    Oh boy..go to Florida, it's nice and warm there.
  15. foodie69

    My LMIA Has Just Been Approved.

    There are no jobs here on the forum. Don't waste your time.
  16. foodie69

    Citizenship application lost

    Just relax..continue with your life and don't think of it. It will happen.