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    Moving to Canada from US- Border Issue

    If you are able to re-enter US, then you can come back and export the second car on a later date.
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    Does H1B transfer require Visa stamping

    I have valid H1B Visa stamping until 2021 with employer A. If another employer (say company B) applies for my 797 and it's approved. 1) Do I need a visa stamp with employer B to enter the US to work on a daily basis? 2) Can I use approved 797 with existing H1B stamp which is valid till 2021...
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    NEXUS Application

    If you have lived for 3+ years in the US and/or Canada on any visa status I believe you can qualify. If you are in Canada on a PR for less than 1 year and never lived in the US either, then you may not be eligible.
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    NEXUS Application

    It has lately been taking a few months, so 2 weeks is too early to expect a reply.
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    Medical surveillance coe: 2.02 :: Do we have to pay

    Generally you maybe given several months from time of landing as immigrant to complete medical surveillance. You will be eligible for the Health Card 3 months after you land. So you can potentially do the checkups as soon as you get the Health Card with no cost.
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    Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

    I am not sure about that, but I would think it should be ok since you will be able to see the digital speed in KMS.
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    Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

    Yes you follow the same steps listed, exchange drivers license (which requires Canadian address proof and US driving history), get insurance and then register. You can check kanetix for auto insurance quotes. For daily commuters from Canada to US, please verify your auto insurance covers US...
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    Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

    You do NOT have to change the speedometer as long as it shows both miles and kms, even though the miles are the primary display unit.
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    Driving to Canada: License and Insurance transfer?

    1) Drivers license - You need a valid drivers license in the US to get a full Ontario G license. You also need a Ohio drivers extract which lists the original date your OH license was issued. Also Ontario drivers license is not issued until you start living in the state and you show proof of...
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    Daily commute (Detroit-Windsor) (H1b and Canada PR)

    Nexus Card - I have lived several years in US and Canada on Work Visa's and just had 6 months as a Canadian PR when my Nexus was approved. Drivers License - You can get a Canadian license by surrendering a current valid US license. But you would need a drivers extract from your current US...
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    Required information cross border movers from USA

    Renting a UHaul/Penske or similar truck to move items is a good cheap option. As long as you live in a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment or smaller, you should be able to fit them into a 20' or 26' truck. Once you rent the truck, you just hire people to Load items in the US and a different crew to Unload...
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    Transfer permanently from US to Canada (H1b to Canada WP) -- Help Pl.!!

    The difference in furniture prices are not that much. Unless you are renting a Uhaul truck and have space to add more furniture, it would not be worth buying and transporting them to Canada.
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    Car w/ Lien on B4 list to be exported from US to Canada in the future?

    They will not ask for the car title at the time of landing (at least they did not ask me). It will be required only when you export/import it. Photos of all jewelry can be attached to the list of goods to follow (including coins).
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    Jewelery Declaration

    You can add jewelry photos to the 'Goods to Follow' list. You can also estimate what its total worth is and add that amount on your Goods to Follow'.
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    PR - Live in Canada, work in US - Days count towards PR and Citizenship?

    If I live in Canada on my PR and drive to the US in the morning on a H1B visa (with a US employer) and return back to Canada the same day in the evening, will those days count towards PR (2 out of 5 years) and citizenship eligibility? If those days count, will it be an issue when I apply for...
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    News: Proposed Plan 2years work experience to 1 year

    Great news! How long does it generally take to make changes such as these. Is it few weeks or few months?
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    Questions regarding TWP -> PR

    I am currently working in Canada on a Work Permit (TWP) and would like to know the time it takes for PR processing for someone inside Canada. I notice the Buffalo office is taking around 2 years for the processing. Is this the office which will be processing the PR for applicants in Canada?
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    Apply for SIN with my hotel address?

    Hi, The Post Office asked for a Canadian address to open a PO Box. I did not have that so they setup a "General Delivery" under my name. So if you are unable to open a PO Box, ask them about "General Delivery". Also note that the "General Delivery" address is quite long, it does not fit the...
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    Should I import my car?

    Thanks to everyone for their replies. My understanding is that if your work permit is for a period of less than 3 years, then you do not have to import it into Canada. You still have to export it from the US. All you have to do is get Canadian insurance, license and registration. This also...
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    Import car on work permit?

    I was able to export the car from the US. I entered Canada on a work visa, can I still import it? At the border I was told that I cannot import the car since my stay is for less than 3 years. My work visa is valid for 2 years. Please clarify.