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  1. aamool

    Ray of hope - FSW - 1

    I got one of these too - landed a bit over a year ago..
  2. aamool

    Name mismatched issue in WES report

    I can think of some possibilities: 1. Did you provide any identification document (for example Passport) with another name? 2. When you set up the account for the verification, did you put the name exactly as it is in the documents? 2. Maybe there is a spelling mistake / typo somewhere in the...
  3. aamool

    Minimum eligibility criteria

    Check the CLB equivalent of each IELTS score here: Then see how many CRS points you get for the CLB here...
  4. aamool

    Minimum eligibility criteria

    Normally you should be fine. No harm in double checking though - in my opinion spending enough time rechecking your application for accuracy and completeness can potentially save you a lot of heartburn and delay down the line. Good luck!
  5. aamool

    what is the meaning of two or more certificates means?

    Two or more certificates. More detail here: Good luck.
  6. aamool

    Minimum eligibility criteria

    For FSW, you need to have 67 points for the six selection factors - language, education, work experience, age, arranged employment, and adaptability. I believe the system recalculates based on the information you provide, and age is the only one that might change since you made your profile -...
  7. aamool

    Removing spouse work experience after ITA

    Yes, my application was approved in 5 months - with no requests for additional information.
  8. aamool

    Foreign work experience - Employer's letter contradicts payslips

    My two cents worth - if you can get a complete company reference letter (off the top of my head, you need title, working hours, joining date, salary, and duties, on a letterhead - but please double check) that's all you need. Payslips may be requested later if anything looks kosher, but my...
  9. aamool

    Difference in Name in UG and PG Ceritificate - urgent help required

    Wow, that's quite the variety of names you have - and impressively different on each degree and your passport. Some ideas: 1) Correct your passport to your correct name. Possibly to your PG certificate (though the initials may be complicated) 2) If your PG certificate is a master's (and you are...
  10. aamool

    ECA soft copy or hard copy

    I can confirm that I never needed the hard copy.
  11. aamool

    Is Indian Graduate Trainee Experience Counted as work Experience

    This is fairly common (my first job in the IT industry was as an Assistant Systems Engineer - Trainee) and should pose no problems. It's not really an apprenticeship as such (that's more a thing for skilled trades). However, do make sure your reference letter (or other documentation) is water...
  12. aamool

    Ray of hope - FSW - 1

    That's inspiring - congrats in advance for your hard earned ITA!
  13. aamool

    Express Entry Profile Ineligibility

    I have two suggestions. I seem to recall some people had issues because of how the job experience is to be entered. The specifics elude me, but I think perhaps it asked for hours per week and people accidently put in 8 (thinking it was hours per day). To qualify as full time, you should enter...
  14. aamool

    Translation of UPTU/AKTU India required??

    As it's just a dual language certificate, translation should not be an issue (it should also be fairly clear even to someone who doesn't read the language that it's the same information). But you really should not submit the certificate for your bachelor degree at all. Since you only got your...
  15. aamool

    Are pay slips enough to show your salary ?

    My suggestion would be to give six months worth of payslips. Why six months? Because it matches what they ask for bank statements. It's tenuous logic, but the best I have :). Basically, if you don't have a perfect reference letter that spells out everything you need (hours, salary, start date...
  16. aamool

    Minor address error in passport

    I think getting another passport before you submit your application is not a problem - you only need to provide your current passport details. So changing the passport shouldn't matter. You don't really need the address for anything PR related (as I recall), so leaving it should be alright...
  17. aamool

    Received ITA - IELTS Expiring Soon!

    A reference letter from the employer, should be an official document printed on company letterhead (must include the applicant’s name, the company’s contact information [address, telephone number and email address], and the name, title and signature of the immediate supervisor or personnel...
  18. aamool

    Received ITA - IELTS Expiring Soon!

    If you submit your application before the IELTS expires, you don't have to submit another test result. However if you think you may need more time to complete your application, you may want to take the exam early - to avoid stress down the line. As long as you score high enough in the IELTS to...
  19. aamool

    Ray of hope - FSW - 1

    There is no requirement to translate the stamps - all you need to submit are all the non-blank pages in your current passport, and travel records over 10 years. Also, as the stamps are not actual documents (not to mention are sometimes unreadable!), I do not think it easy to get a good quality...