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  1. Bendict4

    Can I fax Missing document to WES

    Hello @joand I think you have a misconception. You even don't need a fax machine if you would like to send fax to others. By using cocofax service you can easily fax online via a company’s site (cocofax). This will ensure you seamless service with high accuracy. Enjoy your best time.
  2. Bendict4

    No company fax, phone, email in Reference Letter, will be rejected?

    Thanks a lot buddy for your reply. I have heard about googlefaxfree in the past. This one is much more popular among all fax users as a guide website. Right now I have been using cocofax. This one also helps me to send free fax and completely free of charge. You can this fax service if you want...
  3. Bendict4

    Can I send my Documents to WES vis Fax?

    The world economic condition isn't going well so far because of Covid-19 attack. And right now courier service is less use like using fax service. Anyways, still there have some fax services available like cocofax. By using this cocofax anyone can send free fax visiting cocofax site. It looks...
  4. Bendict4

    How to acquire job in canada

    How to apply for a job in Canada? Can you please help me as a newbie?
  5. Bendict4

    Network engineer

    Yeah sure, I am also ready to work there. I just waiting for the opportunity.
  6. Bendict4

    Skilled worker immigration processs

    How you selected there? Did you apply?
  7. Bendict4

    Accommodation in toronto

    I think hotel would better for your to live 20 days in Toronto.
  8. Bendict4

    MSP Question

    I see some other people are also suffering for this same issue. Date expired because of Covid-19.
  9. Bendict4

    medical surveillance

    I'm a newbie here. Can you please let me know how many days it will take to reply?