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    International Logistic company contacts required for shifting Hiouse stuffs

    Hi All, I am looking for a trust-able logistics company for shifting my house stuffs from Chennai to Toronto. Please provide me if you know someone. Regards, Karthik P
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    Trustable logistics companies in Chennai for shipment of my stuffs

    Hi Folks, I am looking for a trustable and reliable logistics company in Chennai for shipping my items by Cargo or air. I wanted to ship my household stuffs to Toronto from Chennai,India. Please suggest. Thanks and Regards, Karthik P
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    Movers from India to Vancouver - Universal Relocation Scam

    Hi Sunshine, How did you shifted your goods ? do you have any good shippers contacts to share. I wanted to ship my stuffs from chennai to toronto.\\
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    Moving my household stuff from india to toronto

    Hi, I am planning to shift my items from Chennai to Toronto. Can you please tell me how you shipped your items and by using which carrier. Thank you
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    Filing travel history after ITA (country of origin Pakistan, residence Saudi Arabia)

    Hi CIC willl do background check . so please give them as accurate as possible.
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    Record of employment????

    Hi, get a bonafide letter from your current employer as a proof of employment.bonafide must contain your date of joining and designation.Preferably with salary particulars
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    Filing travel history after ITA (country of origin Pakistan, residence Saudi Arabia)

    Hi, you should provide your entire travel history in detail.Dates must match your passport entries and travel dates.
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    How to search job in Canada

    Hi, After landing as a PR. you are free to do job search.Many government sponsored agencies will help you in job search.Agency will modify your resume to meet employer requirements.
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    Return envelop for PPR

    Hi r Congratulations ! Return envelope is of your choice. you are the best judge all you need to ensure is return envelope should hold all of your passports i.e yours and family.
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    Completed 4 years in Wipro and having integrated in information technology from VIT

    Hi follow this url
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    Clarification on Education section in Express Entry Profile

    Hi follow your actual degree convention and timeline.only under ECA mention what is supplied in your ECA.
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    Change in NOC cause Job Seeker Validation Code?

    hi, no worries. think about your EE profile alone other item is optional service.
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    Completed 4 years in Wipro and having integrated in information technology from VIT

    Hi, No issues at all. you can claim your degree ( you have to do education evaluation) and your work experience.
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    hi, you get 3 years experience in March. Primary criteria is passport should be valid for minimum 6 months. I would recommend you to submit a new passport request and do your application submission
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    Separating from Spouse. What should I do?

    Hi you have to change your EE profile as coming alone.your score may go up now depending on your profile.
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    Proof of sibling relationship

    hi provide a notarized explanation lettter explaining spelling mistake . 1, Also provide birth certificate of yours and brother as extra proof. 2,if you both use father's name as Surname.mention this also in your explanation letter
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    Paystubs required by CIC

    hi , provide your Letter of explanation.Don't forget to submit your joining letter and relieving letter with tax documents.
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    Paystubs required by CIC

    Hi try to keep your recent paystubs and some random ones if available.All they need is your proof of employment
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    Webform: "The security background verification has not been initiated"

    Hi its all your luck. Security check handling agencies that are taking their time for validating applicants.
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    Source of Funds required or not?

    POF is not required if you are CEC candidate and currently employed in Canada.