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  1. taufiq417

    Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program-Sharing Timeline here please

    Everything becoming so hard now a days... Feeling hopeless
  2. taufiq417

    NOC - Supply Planner (Supply Chain)

    Plz recheck.. as far as I know these are probably C categories.
  3. taufiq417

    Nova Scotia EE category B

    Yes but to fulfil the extended target, they will / need to be open. At least we can hope that
  4. taufiq417

    Nova Scotia EE category B

    So, with the increased number of immigration target, can we expect the NS B category will be opening soon...
  5. taufiq417

    Newfoundland PNP

    Is there any options to open a profile or EOI for NL PNP? Or they select applicant from EE profile?
  6. taufiq417


    This year they have draw many times. Did anyone acceptance this year. My NOC also 2171
  7. taufiq417


    You need to submit EOI in their web through login. Then you need to give your detail. It is linked with your EE profile. So you need to meet the criteria for EE profile and open it first then log a profile in PEI web.
  8. taufiq417


    I am also in the same boat. Applying and hoping to get nomination..
  9. taufiq417

    Remark Success rate

    Generally recheck in listening rarely change the result, from my experience.
  10. taufiq417

    Mistake in WES Application

    My WES report give me two Bachelor degree 4 years foe my B.Sc & MBA. Now, should I select in EE profile -One or more degree with one at least 3 years? Secondly - For MBA my duration was 2 years but WES gives me 4 years Bachelor equivalency. So, what duration should I mentioned in EE profile...
  11. taufiq417

    Alberta PNP program

    Only barrier is that pandemic issue..
  12. taufiq417

    Alberta PNP program

    Fingers crossed for to reopen
  13. taufiq417

    Alberta PNP program

    Alberta PNP now draw application fro EE pool, isn't it?
  14. taufiq417

    Ontario PNP (OINP) 2020 Discussion Join Here

    Other than Covid situation, Is Alberta drawing regularly outlanders?