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    Evidence of intent to reside in Canada

    Don't waste your money Get a family member to write you a letter saying they are willing to let you stay with them when you return to Canada until you can find a place of your own CIC is stupid but not so stupid that they expect you to have a job that far in the future - nor do they expect you...
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    Cover Letter content

    We didn't - we used one "enclosures" sheet with our proofs - nothing else
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    My husband (sponsor) lost his job. Will he be approved as a sponsor?

    Keep in mind that usually when you voluntarily quit your job - you usually can't collect EI Usually you need to be out of work through "no fault of your own"
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    medical and quebec sponsorship

    If it was Aug 2009 you should be okay - medicals are good for 1 year
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    Sponsorship after overstay?

    You might have to file for an ARC (Authorization to Return to Canada) If so - they'll let you know
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    DECISION MADE!!!!!!!

    Are you a UC citizen or being processed thru Buffalo due to your status in Canada?
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    Alberta Health Care?

    Alberta Health doesn't recognize implied status From all I've read about AHC - basically what happens is - your coverage terminates - when you restore status AHC will backdate coverage (and he'll owe premiums) - so make sure if he pays any bills for the doc's during that time frame that he saves...
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    Canada, Breaking up the family unit

    I'm not sure why this was a surprise to you It's very clear on CIC's website how they handle past criminal charges You always have the option of sponsoring your wife to the UK The child(ren) are dual citizens - so no issues there Even after 5 years it is not an "automatic" - you have to apply...
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    Any successful Common-law sponsorship stories here?

    You cannot seriously be asking this question If sponsorship was only available thru marriage (as in the US) - then common-law would not be an option Cost to get married - somewhere between $0 - $50,000+ What people spend on weddings varies greatly
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    How Long Is To Long?

    They don't just pop your application in the mail to the visa office The applications are sent via diplomatic courier and they don't send them one at a time I guess what I'm saying is - it really all depends on how busy that office is - the busier offices get packages of applications more often...
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    do I need a passport to get medical exam?

    While the OP can get away with no passport for the medical - her driver's liscense is expired She's going to need a passport anyway I did my medical without my passport simply because I forgot it The DMP's office was less than thrilled and almost didn't do my medical because of it
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    Are you allowed PO Box address for Mailing address?

    PO Box is perfectly acceptable Not all offices send an AOR Letter
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    8 year old daughter with PR to travel alone....

    You might want to put in the letter how long she's been out of Canada, since that's normally a question asked of returning PRs
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    Getting Medicals Approved

    Doesn't matter if it was high if you are sponsoring your husband as a spouse Spouses are excessive demand exempt Heck, I had sugar in my urine - was classified as M39 Add - if the DMP your husband went to won't release the results for 2 weeks - I guess you have a few choices 1 - call the DMP's...
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    3 years is spousal - there is no co-signing for spousal If there is welfare to be repaid - they will find it for sure when you go to sponsor your husband Best bet is to call the province where this person was living at the time & ask if you owe If they won't tell you - can always try CIC
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    drug testing?

    Besides, you're not the boss of me! You forgot - nah nah na na na...
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    do I need a passport to get medical exam?

    You need to have a passport to submit your PR application You have to apply in person for your first US passport As of today - it's taking 4-6 weeks for a passport and YES, they will mail it to Canada - no problem with that...