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  1. zubonline


    I am currently in INDIA and i received my COPR on March 16 2020 expired on Oct 10th 2020. I am worried about my work which is remote.I currently have my BOWP untill nov 4th 2020.Due to this pandamic unable to travel. Can i just keep on working even after my Bowp gets expired or Do i have to...
  2. zubonline

    Urgent !! Ontario NOI Application

    Hi Everyone, I recieved NOI -Notification of interest on July 12th.I am currently on implied status & while submiting my application oinp application i'm getting an error to submit arranged enployment document.I was on pgwp & got job in canada. Please advice.I have to fix this 45days...
  3. zubonline

    PGWP Expiring in july

    Hello Everyone, I am in a pretty bad situation. my current score is 447 and in pool. Can't apply for BOWP as no ITA so no AOR to apply bowp. Very stressed.My employer is allowing me work from india remotely. I want to know if i can work from india and get paid with payroll ? They are okay if i...