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    Tourism vs Family Visit

    Any suggestions?
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    Tourism vs Family Visit

    I am a PR in Canada, my parents are planning to visit Canada for tourism purpose and visit me as well (1.5 - 2 months) What should be selected as a purpose of visit, tourism or family visit? Intent is to do both. They would be staying at my place but have sufficient funds to bear the expenses...
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    Can you remain in the pools if your visa expires?

    Yes you will remain in the pool and update your EE profile as per your circumstances then.
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    Canada Migration making zero career if our experience is 15 yrs in steel industry is a big mistake

    Ev Everybody has different aspirations, desires and needs. So end of the day you need to evaluate and decide. It is a big decision, dont let others decide for you especially people on this forum who dont know you and your circumstances well.
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    How Much Time It Takes From Passport to Visa Stamped via VFS

    Dont worry they will do it if submitted, risk is only getting lost in courier, they will not return without CoPR, I assume your father is primary and did he submit passport at same time and waiting for CoPR?
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Change to processing times is not retrospective, 47 days estimate is for new applications submitted. Agent correctly asked you to wait 60 odd days.
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    How Much Time It Takes From Passport to Visa Stamped via VFS

    Ideally you should have submitted to VFS in your home country (unless there is not one).
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    Declining Invitation Risk?

    1. Without getting into merits of your case, declining an ITA is only a risk if your not sure to get ITA in next round of invitations, if you have a high score and feel you are bound to get ITA regardless of cut off then it is quite safe to decline. And seeing your score, you should get ITA next...
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    Canada Migration making zero career if our experience is 15 yrs in steel industry is a big mistake

    Very simple, if you feel it is a mistake then don't commit that mistake! You are not being forced to immigrate!
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    proof of funds

    Doesn't matter only if you don't show, but if you do then chances are it will be deducted from your total.
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    proof of funds

    If it is not there on the statements then you do not need to show loan amount. If you show it will be deducted from your amount shown as PoF.
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    proof of funds

    No issues is showing more than one account. Yes better to explain source of that deposit.
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    Request for Additional Documents

    1 & 2 are normally asked by few VO especially LVO as a final step before PPR. What is your AOR?
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    After landing interview you would be a PR. You just wait for PR card then , that's it.
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    For inland applicants that is called as PPR, so be happy you got PPR, and what you got is a landing interview. Once you are done, you walkout with CoPR. And status change in CIC is post CoPR.
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    Applied for EE, Withdrew, new EE Profile Question

    Unless you submitted e-apr post ITA, the answer should be No.
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    Who knows anything about Kyiv Visa Office?

    If there is a review required it sort of goes in a black hole and standard processing time doesnt matter. Especially with LVO. What was the review req for and what ADR was raised? how long it has been since you responded.
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    Work Experience & Education major different!

    Why would it? As long as it is legit and you can show letters as per CIC requirement, does not matter what your job is. Just make sure you choose a correct NOC for it.
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    Gcms notes - R10 Cancelled and A11.2-EE MI under Review Required

    Your primary NOC needs to have minimum 12 months of experience, so that is where the eligibility is likely to fail.