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  1. GMP97

    Super Visa is medical required again?

    So hey guys my mother has a super visa of 5 years she has had a medical exam the first time she came to Canada that was over a year ago. She is planning to comeback in April now i know the visa is for multiple entries but does she need medical exam again ? if yes then should i just book an...
  2. GMP97

    Do credits transferred make the case stronger for transfer students

    Hello i am transfer student and i have studied for 2 years in Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering i was accepted at University of New Brunswick as transfer student. I applied 1st time in june 2019 while my credits transfer was in process my application was rejected within a week. ( i should...
  3. GMP97

    Scotia Bank GIC funds transferred need help

    Hello i just wire transferred my funds to scotia bank for my GIC my local bank told that they the funds have reached canada but i haven't received any e
  4. GMP97

    Need help for getting GIC certificate

    ok so i am looking to apply through SDS i have created the account at Nova Scotia Bank. Now my local banks dont support wire transferring money internationally. I need to have a foreign exchange account for that. Now if anyone can help me if is send the payment to Scotia bank in US dollars will...
  5. GMP97

    Need help for Re filing visa application(pakistan)

    Ok so i previously applied for study permit, it was rejected in a week, now i am re applying through SDS recently opened for Pakistan. I have written a letter of explanation to counter the first refusal. Now i need some suggestion as to will it be good enough?or do i need to explain some more...
  6. GMP97

    Visa rejected need suggestions for applying again

    So i am looking to re apply but before i need suggestions for should i write in the explanation letter for the 1st rejection. These are the reasons of rejection Thank you for your interest in studying in Canada. After careful review of your study permit application and supporting documentation...
  7. GMP97

    Visa rejected need suggestions for applying again

    Hello so i was studying bachelors in Mechanical Engineering here in Pakistan. I studied for 2 years (4 semesters). I applied for admission in a few universities in Canada University of Ottawa, Memorial University and University of New Brunswick. I got admission in all three in the Bachelors...
  8. GMP97

    Student visa refusal need help and suggestions

    Hello, i applied online for visa on 11 june and and had my biometrics done on 17 june. Today i got a notification in my account and i saw that my visa request was denied due to the following: Thank you for your interest in studying in Canada. After careful review of your study permit...