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    are you allowed to travel to Canada now with Work permit and study permit?

    I have applied for a work permit with LMIA approved job offer from india and expecting a reply in next few weeks. During these covid times, is canada letting people in with work permit? i Understand there is a 14 days quarantine requirement, which we are happy to fulfil but is everything else...
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    Travelling to india for delivery on Work permit

    So if you get pregnant in Canada on a work permit, is it ok to travel to India for delivery and bring the child back? Is there a chance that new born might not get visa, even though both parents and other child already have Work permit and TRV for 2 years?
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    Adopting a child in canada on Work permit

    We have a friend who recently got to canada on a 2 year work permit and are living in Toronto. They have a 3 year old child and are willing to adopt another one in canada. What are the steps to start adoption process considering they are looking to adopt a new born child. Any site or link would...
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    Does owning your own business on work permit, count towards Express entry points?

    I am planning on running my business for 1 year under Noc 0125 and then apply for PR under express entry. Will 1 year experience count towards my express entry profile points?
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    Work experience as business owner in india

    Does running a business as properiter in india count towards foreign work experience? if yes, what documents can be used to prove the same? I do have tax returns for all the years i operated the business in india.
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    WES Completed evaluation with Remarks, is it all good?

    I have two questions a) my name is different because education shows my name before i got married and in express entry i am using name after i got married b) at the bottom remarks it says, "The credential is not comparable to completed Canadian education credential" is that a problem? also...
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    Delayed work permit process for approved LMIA Noc 0125, applied from india

    I have applied for Closed work permit for myself, open work permit for spouse and Study permit for a 4 year old from India using online portal. here's the timeline Application submitted on 20th feb Biometrics request for spouse on 26th feb Biometrics completed on 28th feb and shows completed I...
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    Noc 0125 LMIA Approved, Work permit from India with Spouse and Child, should we start packing?

    So, i have an approved LMIA for owner operator program with NOC 0125 (Other business services managers ). I just submitted my work permit application for 1 year, along with open work permit for spouse and study permit for a year old child. is it time to start packing or can the work permit be...
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    is owner operated LMIA job offer enough to secure 200 Points for Express entry?

    I keep reading both version of information a) if you get positive LMIA for owner operated business along with a job offer from your own business, as long as NOC starts with 00, you can immediately use that to add extra 200 points to your express entry profile b) if you have above, you must...
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    Work permit Process when applying from India? after positive LMIA

    hello, I am waiting for a LMIA decision, which should come in within a week and wondering if there is anything i can do to speed up the work permit process. Currently it shows work permit processing time from india is 5 weeks but i keep reading that if you do medical upfront, it can decrease...
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    is Secondary Diploma (high school graduation) 10th or 12th?

    Under express entry score calculation, Secondary diploma (high school graduation) gives you 28 points and One-year degree, diploma or certificate from a university, college, trade or technical school, or other institute gives you 84 points. lets say i am stuck at 465 points and want to add...
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    Pros and cons of having 2nd Child in canada?

    Hello, We are in the middle of our work permit application and if everything goes well, we will be in canada on 2 year work permit in 2020. We are planning and 2nd kid and have option to have the kid in canada or back in our home country. We are planning for a PR after work permit. I am...
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    Commission for renting a house

    Just curious, when renting a house, do the tenant pay any commission for is it all paid by landlord? i understand half month deposit is required
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    Owner operator LMIA, Work permit and PR

    Hello, I am going to create this thread to document my entire journey of applying for LMIA, getting a work permit and then eventually getting PR for Canada. Profile Age - 33 Nationality - Indian Dependents - 2 (Spouse and Child) EE Score - around 350 (Because of no academic qualifications)...