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  1. iKhalid

    Landing from Ottawa - Prescott?

    Hello, I'm thinking of landing from Ottawa on Monday. I'm planning to land from Prescott. If you landed from Ottawa, where did you land at? Thanks!
  2. iKhalid

    No Auto-response from CPC-CTD-Ottawa

    Hello, I just sent an email to CPC-CTD-Ottawa but I didn't get the usual auto-response from them. I'm afraid something is wrong with my email. I am using my work's email for all the communication with CIC and the email is powered by Google. I tried sending the email again to both, the new and...
  3. iKhalid

    Denied PCC From Home Country

    Hello, Last week I received a request from CIC to provide a PCC from my home country for myself and my wife. At this point, I've also received MRs and paid the RPRF. During the last few days, I was trying everything I could to get the PCC. I went to RCMP and got my fingerprints, notarized the...
  4. iKhalid

    Got my AOR... Now what?

    Hello, I have received my AOR in July as you can see from my timeline. I didn't send my Security Clearance or Police Certificate because I am expecting to receive a request from CIC for a particular clearance from a particular country (if any). Should I do something in the meantime? I guess...
  5. iKhalid

    Working in Quebec but Live in Ontario!

    Hello, After I read some responses on a different post regarding applying for CEC from Quebec, I'm starting to get worried about my situation. I currently work in Gatineau, QC but I actually live in Ottawa, ON. In case you're wondering, Gatineau is 5 minutes away from Ottawa. I already...
  6. iKhalid

    Is PCC Always Mandatory?

    Hello, I've been living in Canada since the beginning of 2005, so around 8.5 years. When I sent my application, I didn't include a PCC. In my case, do I have to provide CIC with PCC for sure (later when they request for it)? If so, should it be from Canada or home country? In case you're...
  7. iKhalid

    Forgot my email address

    Hello, I sent my PR application but I just realized that I forgot to write my email. Did anyone make the same mistake? Is this a show stopper? Thanks!