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    Quebec immigration

    I am going to Vancouver next month with a study permit. I also want to enroll french classes for faster immigration. Can anyone tell me that which institutions certificate will count for French efficiency? Can I quit my study and move to Quebec and apply for Quebec residency after applying?
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    Can I Travel to The USA with my Canadian student Visa ?

    Well are they giving me 10 years visa with maximum staying 90 days or they just give me a 90 days visa ? Please clarify.
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    Missing Work Experience

    Hi I have missed describing my work experience while applying for the study permit. I had one year experience before coming to Canada. Can I describe My previous work experience ?
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    Credit transfer work permit

    Hi, I have granted credit transfer. After transfer, my course will be one year. But my entire degree program is two year. So after coming, did I granted one-year PGWP or Three years? Because My entire course is two-year long,
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    Skilled workers in Manitoba (MPNP) Forum 2017

    After submitting EOI my point is showing 426.But when I have calculated my point was 73 for MPNP.I cannot understand this.even any person has a close relative, Ph.D. degree and 5 years job experience he can get 575 at best.Then how can draw show 700 is the lowest to apply as skilled worker...
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    Hi.I have submitted my EOI today for MPNP.They show my points 426.Can I I have any chances to get selected.My points in 100 scale is 73.I can't understand their points system.Because skill worker overseas cannot get more than 575.Then how can they select someone with points 700 or so.