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    Received a letter regarding my child representative

    Hi 1. Well the IRB gave her the choice, either a separate representative for the child or the mother will be considered the representative and the claim for both will be heard together.
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    Where I do I need to list dependent children that are citizens?

    Hi 1, The children only appear on the IMM 5406
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    RCMP fingerprint result- Positive identification.what does it mean?

    HI 1, If you were arrested for DUI, then it would show in a Canadian PCC.
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    Visitor - Medical insurance coverage

    Hi 1. Except if you end up in hospital, you could go bankrupt really quickly. 2. Non resident costs at Vancouver General, Emergency visit $805.00, Daily Ward $3,760, ICU $14,535 plus cost of treatments.
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    Money transfer of a non convertible currency from homeland to Canada

    HI 1. Yes the date you become a tax resident is the triggering event.
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    RO Obligations

    Hi 1, Count back from today 5 years, 19/Jan/2016. 2. 9 days after "landing" , 7 days in Jun/18, 431 days from Nov 2019, total days = 447 days. 3., You are still 283 days short of being in compliance with your RO.
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    Canada Federal Court - Ruling Fake Employment Web Site

    The owner of a web site that was cloned and used to post fake job postings, was sued by owner and won. It would be nice if other web site owners did the same.
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    Money transfer of a non convertible currency from homeland to Canada

    HI 1, FinTrac would be informed of the deposit of greater than $10K by the bank. FinTrac is interested in funds obtained by crime or fraud, so keep lots of paper outlining how you came in possession of the funds. 2. For CRA you will need an evaluation of the property prior to "landing" and...
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    buying a car in a province then transfer registration to another province

    Hi 1. Buy the car if you want it. If you move you change registration and plates. Depending on the new province you may require a safety check.
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    Canadian PR Status!

    HI 1. Yes, if she is the principal applicant she can remove you as a dependent from the application. 2. Yes, she doesn't have to have a reason to remove. 3. You would have to qualify on your own merits. Not eligible for CEC with a NOC C job, so it would probably have to be Express Entry or...
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    Can refugee clamiant get marry?

    HI 1. Then your removal order become effective, and you will have to leave.
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    Is console service company really excit

    Hi 1. You should post the offer, but if they are offering transportation, accommodation and food, then it is fake.
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    Spousal Open work permit

    Hi 1. Has to be in Canada working.
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    Kelowna office

    Hi 1, Either Surrey or Vancouver
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    Kelowna office

    Hi 1. It closed years ago. It had itinerant service after the closure.
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    Minor dependents in Canada

    Hi 1. If you have a valid study permit, then your minor children don't require a study permit to attend school. They just require a valid visitor permit.
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    Withdraw application or proceed with application for PR? IMM 1344

    Hi 1. Actually it does make a difference, if you select proceed you maintain appeal rights, whereas if you select don't proceed, there are no appeal rights.
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    Income Tax filing

    Hi 1. There is no requirement to have filed taxes for Citizenship, you have to have 3 years residency in the 5 years on the date you apply.\ 2. CIC just asks whether you filed taxes or not, some people don't bother to file taxes if they have overpaid.
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    Withdraw application or proceed with application for PR? IMM 1344

    Hi 1. If you select withdraw, then that's it. The application is refused as well if the sponsor is not eligible.