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    [Detailed] Soft Landing by road via Windsor Tunnel - Frustrating Experience

    Yes, you can add the car to the list. It's not an issue if you later move without the car - they won't question that. It's better to have more things listed and later decide what is coming with you rather than the other way around.
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    Declaring Jewelry in the Good to Follow Forms

    Self evaluation is fine. Just be reasonable - you don't need an exact price.
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    Travel History - Post ITA

    No, that's a bad idea! Write down as much as you can remember, and then submit a letter telling them why you don't have exact dates. Also add proof such as airline tickets, hotel bookings etc. If you show that you have done the best you can, and that you are not trying to lie to them, it...
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    Unofficial transcripts - Post ITA

    Upload whatever you have. Doesn't matter since it's the ECA that is the most important document.
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    How to check whether w1 work visa is fake or original

    It's fake. Don't pay anything.
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    Jefferson Davis moved to Canada. Alabamians have a claim to work or PR in Canada?

    Canada is a country that treats citizens of any country the exact same way for the purposes of immigration. Being a US citizen does not mean anything special. You have to qualify like anyone else. If you are unable to qualify because you do not have the necessary skills, there's nothing much...
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    Implied Status - Expiring Passport

    You can renew your passport if you wish. Your status isn't linked to your passport and you will continue to remain in implied status even on the new passport. However, you need to notify IRCC once you get the new passport because your CoPR will need to have the new passport number on it. You...
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    Pennsylvania traffic violation 3714a(careless driving in USA) equivalence in Canada and am I admissible for a PR.

    A speeding ticket shouldn't have an impact unless you were going so fast (I believe in most US states - 30+ miles over the limit) that you were arrested. That's a criminal offense (reckless driving) and can certainly impact your application.
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    Mental Health and Immigration

    No, shouldn't be an issue. The rule you're looking for is Medical Inadmissibility. Specifically - are you (in the eyes of a IRCC empaneled physician) a "danger to public health/safety"? As long as you don't have a "risk of: sudden incapacity (loss of physical and mental abilities)...
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    International student part time work (+20 Hours)

    Here's even more info - You'll see that all it says is "20 hours per week" and there's zero mention of "4 hours a day"
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    International student part time work (+20 Hours)

    No, the only rule is that you can't exceed 20 hours a week. How you divide that is up to you. There's no "only 4 hours a day rule". Sounds like your supervisor is trying to get you to work five days a week, which is fine, but...
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    Is it a fake job

    Not really. You can try reporting them here- But realistically speaking, there's not much anyone can do. These scammers aren't based in Canada, they are usually in other countries and there's not much the Canadian police can...
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    Applying PR

    Thanks for clarifying that :)
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    Applying PR

    So if I've worked for my employer in the UK for three years, and then do an ICT to the Canadian office, I can get the points as soon as I have the job offer?
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    Applying PR

    Hey @scylla just to clarify my understanding - if @parthvi had a job based on an approved LMIA and closed work permit, they would get the points right now, correct? But since they're on an ICT transfer, which is LMIA exempt, wouldn't they get they points if they've already been working for...
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    Best Agent for PR

    I'd recommend you first read the many threads in the Express Entry forum to understand how the process works. Just search and you'll find exhaustive answers to these and all other EE-related questions.
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    Suggestions needed

    Ask your school. They should have no issue giving you an updated LoA.