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    Destinations vs Travellance

    Hi Friends, Just considering to buy health insurance for the first 3 months before landing. Just compared Destinations Canada and Travelance insurance. Destination has only 500$ for prescription drugs and Travelance has 1,000$. So, thought of going with Travalence. Any comments? Thanks
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    Anyone has experience in long layover in London Heathrow Airport?

    Hi Friends, I am facing a situation where I have to book a flight with 16 hrs layover in London for my first landing to Ottawa. This route was in my radar because to reduce long flight time. I am with my family. My plans are - Obtain a visa for transit - Book a transit hotel for one night...
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    Landing Ottawa via Toronto - where should do immigration procedures?

    Hi Friends, If we have 1.5 hr transit in Toronto before landing in Ottawa, where we should do the Immigration procedures and documentation? Is it the Toronto airport? Or Ottawa? Because we will have only very short period to catch the other flight. Any Idea? Thanks in advance.
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    Ottawa Settlement - 2019

    Hi Friends, I am planning to settle in Ottawa in 2019. Anyone else out there thinking about Ottawa settlement. Do we have any WhatsApp group specifically regarding Ottawa settlement? Thank You in advance
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    After PPR - Help

    Hi Friends, I received PPR and the mail says to submit all documents as one package. However, presently my family and myself in two different countries. Please let me know what should I do? SHould I get courier my family passports to Saudi Arabia and submit it with my one? Or can we submit...
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    PPR - Can we submit & collect in different countries

    Hi Friends, I have a concern over the Passport submission after PPR. Can I submit in present resident country and collect from my home country??? Because I am leaving from the present job and I will have to go home accordingly. Thank you in advance.
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    Residency changes while application is in process

    Dear Friends, I am in IP1 stage in my application. My wife will be relocated to my home country next week. What are the actions, we should take to update info? And when I receive PPR in future, I will have only my passport. Wife passport will be with her in the home country. How to handle...
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    Saudi expels all Canada Deplomats - Clarification

    Hi Friends, Due to a diplomatic issue, Saudi Government has expelled all the Canada officials from the country. They have given 24 hours notice. That means effectively both high commissions day to day things will not function in the near future. I am working in Saudi. I am in IP1 stage...
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    No place to add telephone number - ITA application

    Hi Friends, I have small issue in the ITA application. In the telephone section, there is no place to add the mobile number though it asks for the number. There is an error msg. `appendGrid` does not initialized The section does not get complete without this info. Please assist. Thank You
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    Good Studio - Riyadh

    Hi Friends, Can you suggest a good studio in Riyadh to take photos for ITA. Thanks
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    Immigration office Handing My File???

    Hi Friends, In order to obtain PCC from Riyadh, they requested my immigration office handling the file. I have some unique situation. 1. I will be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia only up to Mid September. 2. After that, I will go to my home country, Sri Lanka. So, I received ITA at the last...
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    CPA BC Membership

    Hi Friends, Anyone who obtains the membership before moving to Canada from CPA. I am qualified Chartered Accountant. And, I think better we take few steps to get it done, so job finding would be easy. Can you guys please help me, Thank You.,
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    Cochlear Implant - Child

    Hi Friends, My child is 4 years old and he is a bilateral cochlear implanted child. Now he can speak well and not attend for speech therapy. What kind of impact will this have on our timeline? We will inform this to medical officer upfront. Presently we are waiting for ITA with 449 marks...
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    To whom employement letter to be addressed

    Hi Friends, If the company doesn't want to provide an open letter, then to whom we should address? They rejected to issue as to whom it may concern. Please provide me an address to mention. Thank You,
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    After ITA - University Document

    Hi Friends, I have BSc degree and Membership of Chartered Accountancy. Presently waiting for WES evaluation results. Can someone help me to prepare the document to upload after getting ITA. Question 1. University - I have 8 results sheets for each semester and also have a certificate with...
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    Medical - Diabetic

    Hi Friends, I have diabetic for last 5 years. I am wondering whether is it required to disclose to at the time of the medical test. Can someone explain to me what I should do? Thank You
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    Chartered Accountancy + Degree

    Hello Friends, I am planning to assess my qualifications in WES and need to get both qualifications assessed. Appreciate if you can tell me what should be the qualification name for Chartered Accountancy? Is it bachelor degree or something else? I need to get more points under 2 or more...