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    Renounce Canadian citizenship, apply PR again

    Hello Friends, I want to renounce my Canadian citizen and reapply for PR. what are my best options to get PR pretty quickly and bring my family. Here are my credentials: Have two years of Master education in Canada Worked in Canada for 6 years or more Have stayed in Canada for more than 10...
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    Good canadian immigration lawyer,for marriage misrepresentation

    Hello Friends, I am looking for a good Canadian immigration lawyer to file my sponsorship application previously rejected for marriage misrepresentation. Thanks, Dhru
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    Sponsor dependent child for Canadian citizen

    Hello, I am Canadian citizen and can i sponsor my dependent children directly as Canadian citizen instead of PR as they were born before i got citizenship? I read that there is current policy change that will allow me do it. Is it true? ----lAanth
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    Marriage Mispresentation, family sponsorship

    As PR I have applied for family sponsorship three times (2006,2007,2013) and it was rejected stating spouse was excluded as member of family class to section 117(9)(d). Since Its been 11 years since i first sponsored as PR, and will be first time as Canadian citizen i will be sponsoring, will...