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    Short Landing - Goods to follow

    Hi all, I believe some people was asked this question many times but i want to check you guys with latest information. I am going to do a short landing and just stay for few days in Montreal, beside the regular landing procedure like apply my PR card, SIN number etc. Q1. I want to check am i...
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    Landing Questions

    Hi all, I am a Quebec - FSW applicant. My destination city is Montreal. I want to check with your experience that if i take a transit flight from HK -> Toronto -> Montreal. 1. Can i complete the landing procedure at Toronto and then stay there for couple days before i connect the flight to...
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    Find a school in Montreal

    Hello everyone, i want to check with you guys how i can find an elementary school for kids in Montreal ? (10 and 6 years old - target public school) Any website or any kind of information that i can start with ? Thanks
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    Express Entry Profile Expire and new profile

    Hi all, I believe most of you already had your MyCIC account and created an Express Entry profile. Since the profile will be valid for a year then it will be expire so does any of you have experience to create a new profile before the old one expire ? (I can't find anywhere can do this.) Can...