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  1. Varunaimar

    IELTS - Writing - For Band 7 or Above.

    See my responses below: Overall a 6.5. A lenient checker might give you 7, but there’s only a 5%chance of that. Your ideas are good and well thought of. You need to be aware how you’re using the words in sentences and need to be aware of sentence forming structures.
  2. Varunaimar

    IELTS - Writing - For Band 7 or Above.

    Here are my comments. Happy to help if you need further guidance.
  3. Varunaimar

    IELTS - Writing - For Band 7 or Above.

    Hello guys, I’m back after a long break. Since my last post on this forum, I’ve obtained Canadian PR and I’m more than half way towards completing the citizenship residency requirements. I’m now settled in the beautiful city of Vancouver (but hate the rain!). This thread was one of my...
  4. Varunaimar

    "We are processing your background check" straight after AoR.

    As @Peacekeeper87 mentioned, it holds no value in the current scenario. Just take it as your file as begun it's journey and wait for the end.
  5. Varunaimar

    Passport to be renewed

    You can renew your passports and send a scanned copy of your new passports to IRCC via webform. I did the same for my son and didn't face any issues.
  6. Varunaimar

    AOR to PPR Timeline

    Since you wanted opinions from people who have already gone through the process, I'll weigh in my two cents here @NikSharma01. This thread is a complete waste of time for you. There are better ways to put your time to use currently, as overthinking ultimately leads to confusion. Someone had...
  7. Varunaimar

    Incorrect Refusal by CIC

    The OP did not have a completed degree like Master's in your case, that's why the whole confusion with 2 or more degrees played out. You should be ok in your case as your highest degree is a Master's degree and should claim points neatly as the Master's degree holder. For your second question...
  8. Varunaimar

    CRS Score

    Yes you can explain in LoE that you're no longer claiming points for your aunt and that you're meeting the 67 point criteria even with your aunt's points removed. A friend of mine did the same thing and she's already a PR now.
  9. Varunaimar

    List of genuine immigration consultants for Canada in India (Mumbai)

    IRCC website is your best consultant. Spend some time going through the website and you'll get all the answers.
  10. Varunaimar

    WES document proceedure changed??

    No you can't. You need to have obtained the WES reference number before 01st December 2018 to send the transcripts directly to them.
  11. Varunaimar

    Government Employees who got ITA/ PR

    Your application could get rejected if you haven't provided your roles and responsibilities. A lot of government employees have gone through this and have obtained their PR status. Obviously they've found a work around.
  12. Varunaimar

    Ghost update for PR rejection?

    Yeah you'll get an email.
  13. Varunaimar

    Ghost update for PR rejection?

    Nothing wrong with that, which is why I've given my answer to your query. The fact says that you've got two ghost updates and that's an outcome many on this forum dream of because they know their PPR is almost there. But also, i believe you've lost about 3-4 months obsessively keeping track of...
  14. Varunaimar

    Urgent : Accompanying/Unaccompanying spouse PR

    I think spouse unaccompanying, as you're already a PR
  15. Varunaimar

    Civil Engineer prospects in Canada

    You've obviously put in a lot of effort to type this post. Why not use the same effort to do some research online by yourselves? You'll find all the answers there. No one can specifically tell you what you need to know.
  16. Varunaimar

    WES rule changes for India: DEC'2018-Word of caution

    Unlikely you're even remotely aware of the way Indian universities operate. Suffice to say, this is a nightmare especially for graduates of smaller and lesser known universities. For example, I'm pretty sure my bachelor's university will not send transcripts directly anywhere, not even to Ivy...
  17. Varunaimar

    Ghost update for PR rejection?

    By far the most ludicrous and negative comment I've seen here. Au contraire, your file is almost through and you'll get the good news within next week. For heaven's sake, stop obsessing about the process and use your time elsewhere.
  18. Varunaimar

    WES Help : Last name not expanded in my academic certificate

    Yes. Create WES profile as per passport name.
  19. Varunaimar

    Pcc from inda

    It takes one day if the address on your passport is your current address. Again, in theory it should work, although I must warn you that people have faced rejections because they've got their PCC done from SP office or similar.
  20. Varunaimar

    Pcc from inda

    I'd suggest you not to do this. I'll explain why. The rule means that in effect, you'll need to get PCC from each local police station where you've lived in for the past XX years. Meaning, if I was living in Hyderabad, moved my house twice, and then moved to Delhi and moved my house 4 times...