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  1. 2tit

    March applicants with complete application, AIP received, DLI on list, still awaiting final decision.

    It may be thru online or paperbase, SDS or Non-sds, they should have prioritized the first in applicants... But then again, what can we do - wait... Lol.
  2. 2tit

    Gcms notes delay

    Hi, since you received your gcms notes, may i know some portion of your 'Outgoing Correspondence'... Does it say about PPR also? I would just like to know the difference with notes of refused one and pending files. If its okay with you, if not then its fine. Thank you.
  3. 2tit

    Anyone applied a Student Permit from Philippines?

    Sir, wen po yong latest gcms notes nyo? Edmonton din po ba?
  4. 2tit

    I still haven't received my AIP for the fall Intake, I applied on 15th sept under SDS profile.

    Hi Ma'am, If the DLI is covid approved, then does this mean that it will be prioritized? Ive noticed that most applications that were approved are Online-Regular... Some are even approved as fast as 3 weeks... I mean we've been waiting for 8 months and still no updates.
  5. 2tit

    March, SDS, AIP in Aug., still waiting for the step 2

    Hi same here! Lodged. March, with AIP last Aug. Complete bio and medical.
  6. 2tit

    SDS Passport Requests and Stage 2 Approvals 2020

    Waiting since March too. Hehe let's see what will happen this week.
  7. 2tit

    Has anyone got a letter of approval after March 18? Which university?

    Yes complete approvals. Yes, sorry its for Philippines.
  8. 2tit

    Has anyone got a letter of approval after March 18? Which university?

    I think there are some. Most if not all, are online regular app.
  9. 2tit

    Has anyone got a letter of approval after March 18? Which university?

    Raining of approvals today in Phil.
  10. 2tit

    Refusal: Gcms note and correspondence letter

    Hi, Whats your timeline? Did you receive AIP?
  11. 2tit

    Get rejection in GCMS notes but not update via mail or in Portal???

    Yes, i knew one. He applied first week of april and got refused on the last week of the same month. Later then he knew that he was refused when he ordered for GCMS notes which arrived sept 3.
  12. 2tit

    Applied in march haven't recieved AIP yet and got no update

    Hi, Try to order for gcms notes.. I knew someone who haven't receive his aip and no updates. He Applied first week of april, he was refused on the last week of april. His gcms notes came in last week. It's just he waited for several months not knowing that his files got refused already.
  13. 2tit

    Will they inform you if you failed the first stage

    Applied from March 10, no updates too.. Deferral deadline will in four days time.
  14. 2tit

    Anyone applied a Student Permit from Philippines?

    Some schools need an approved study permit po, kaya kahit may AIP kana, kailangan nila yong approved.
  15. 2tit

    AUGUST to Fall Opening

    Hi, it's August and this month a lot could happen. Goodluck to all, especially those who waited for several months already like me. Hoping for a positive outcome.
  16. 2tit

    How to get “approval in-principle”?

    Yes bru, for several months that's what I'm doing. Thank you.
  17. 2tit

    How to get “approval in-principle”?

    Hello, Thank you for letting me know, at least I still got hope.
  18. 2tit

    How to get “approval in-principle”?

    Hi, Thanks for your comment. As i've said, "as to my understanding", not yours, not anybodys', but mine. By the way, I thought that it's part of the SDS requirement, guess I'm wrong and thanks for letting me know. Another thing, i think that this forum is about sharing ideas (not everyone is...