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    What should a applicant do before and right after landing???

    Do not burn your cables in your home country- in case you will return. Upon landing, get your SIN no, your health card and a bank account. Begin building credit history. Warning! Do not have high expectations for jobs or even education. You may break down with depression. You will be spending a...
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    Should I settle in Canada? Is it worth it?

    You are young, single and free. I would suggest giving it a try. But do not burn your cables in India just in case you return home to India. Three years in Canada should not hurt you. You could undertake some certification course that will enable you work in a Canadian bank. With a brother in...
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    Settlement Agencies

    Best to walk into their offices. They will register you, put you on file to show government that they are working and have so so number of clients. They will give you loads of information and directions. Some offer free language training and citizenship exam classes. Some offer free furniture...
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    Best bank for a newcomer

    I am enjoying President's Choice Bank. Changed from TD. TD had too many charges.
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    Car Insurance

    Even when you rent a car, they often ask you to pay for insurance. Because of insurance, you cannot borrow your best friend's car in an emergency as you are not covered for that car. Your friend has to make time to drive you himself to where you need to go.
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    Car Insurance

    Insurance companies in Canada are the killjoys of enjoying a car. Why are they so expensive? Why have Canadians simply accepted these exorbitant costs? I cannot understand. No rewards for being accident free or free of demerit points. Canadians have no complaints on this topic. Only me- the...
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    IMG in Canada : How are you surviving?

    I cannot get a bridging program into Nursing -RN only because my transcript is older than 5 years. It does not matter that I have worked as a doctor for at least 10 years.
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    ***Ontario Driving License***

    I had an Alberta Advanced Road Test shortly after landing. I had submitted my drivers licence from home country and was deemed qualified to do either the Basic or the Advance Road test. I opted for the Advanced test and passed. So I never held a Basic Licence. I drove regularly in Calgary for a...
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    IMG in Canada : How are you surviving?

    I thank you for your replies. I knew of all the LMCC exam requirements even before coming to Canada. But since arriving here a year ago, and actually sitting for EE and QE1 within the past one year, I am discouraged. The exams are ridiculously difficult in my own view. It is a test of cramming...
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    Career opportunities for doctors

    You do not require licencing to pursue non-residency training programs.
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    PH Nurse/Live in Caregiver/OWP What to do to be a Health Care Aid in Canada?

    If you wish to do Health care aide, I will recommend Bow Valley. It is cheap cos it is a government school. I went to a private school. Cost me $8,800. I moved to Ontario recently. The certificate from Alberta has no value here. Here they want Personal Support Worker certificate. You can get...
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    Career opportunities for doctors

    It is terribly difficult for doctors (MBBS) in Canada. Until you come and experience it for yourself, I do not want to discourage you. But be ready, and do not be so shocked. You certainly will spend a lot of money on examinations. The examinations will take not less than 2 years to go through...
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    IMG in Canada : How are you surviving?

    Being a fairly new IMG in Canada, just over a year, I am at crossroads on continuing in Canada or returning back to my homeland. How are IMGs surviving in Canada?
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    PH Nurse/Live in Caregiver/OWP What to do to be a Health Care Aid in Canada?

    If you want to be a health care aide in Canada, you need to be aware that requirements depend on the province you find yourself. I know of people in some persons who were employed just like that in "remote" provinces. They have no absolutely no health care background. I heard this was the case...