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    Need accomodation near Fleming College Frost Campus.

    I am going to attend Fleming college . Iam finding accommodation. Anyone help me out please.
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    Regarding Co-op. Please help!

    i have enrolled in a program which has Co-op . Is it difficult to find job for Co-op or the college provide me! I am very confused!
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    Verryyy urgente!!!!!Gic account showing duplicacy

    My gic account is showing duplicacy!! What is this?? Now what to do?
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    Very urgent!!!! Please help

    Can I change my course when I reach Canada within same college?
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    Please give me honest review about Fleming college!!

    I got the offer from Fleming college but I want to know how’s the college, do we get the job there,?
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    !!!!Urgent please help!!!!!

    my parrport expire in 2024, I applied for 1 year course and after that I will again apply for 1 year course, after doing 2 years course, will Canada give me 3 years of work permit or 2 years of work permit?
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    Fleming College jan 2020

    Anyone got offer letter for Fleming College?
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    Gic account locked

    please help me with this. I locked my gic account and I know the password but still they are showing error. Please help me what should I do now. I mailed them but it’s not delivered.
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    Anyone got offer letter for food science and technology for jan2020 centennial college

    I have applied in food science and technology course in centennial college on 12 July, but didn’t get any update. Anyone got the offer letter for same?